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53 minutes ago, AtlanticTug said:

They were watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with the boys for the Paw Patrol float. Israel looked so happy to see Chase and was wearing a PP t-shirt too. That's great! It means he's seen the show and/or read the books. Completely age appropriate, cute, with positive messaging, etc. Much better than reading the Bible with his father or memorizing Psalms like his cousin Spurgeon.

Derick was still a little awkward in that Instagram Live video, but I think that was mostly because he was the one recording and because he was responding to a few comments as he filmed. I do agree that Paw Patrol is a very appropriate option for a kid Izzy’s age though. I had a feeling he watched the show/read the books because they mentioned one of the characters (I think Chase) in another video a while ago, but it’s good to see actual confirmation. It was also nice seeing Izzy look pretty happy, engaged, and relaxed with his parents there. I think a lot of the awkwardness people have noticed before has less to do with his relationship with his parents and more to do with Izzy not being the type of kid who is really comfortable performing on demand. When they let Izzy just do his thing - as they did here - he comes across as a much more genuinely happy and relaxed kid. 

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