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Saint Óscar Romero canonized

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Something good happened in Rome;


Pope Francis has conferred sainthood on murdered Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero at a ceremony in the Vatican.

He praised the cleric - an advocate for peace during El Salvador's civil war - for sacrificing his own safety to be "close to the poor and his people".

Óscar Romero was killed by soldiers while giving Mass in 1980. His killers have never been brought to justice.

Hopefully all the neocon enablers of Romero's murderers in this country are experiencing some grade a level butthurt over this.

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I've already seen some butthurt on twitter (I follow some progressive Catholics who unfortunately tend to drag arguments with their crypto-fascist counterparts onto my timeline). Romero would be such an obvious and uncontroversial choice for sainthood if so many people hadn't been sucked into the Church of Owning the Libs.

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I remember learning about him while doing RE at school, he deserves to be a saint, he was helping the poor and those affected by the war while others, Catholic officials included were ignoring the suffering. 

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