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Maxwell 25: Pies, Cakes, Tarts, and Tortes

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58 minutes ago, HerNameIsBuffy said:

Books.  I think she sells books.  :pb_lol:

I saw it and chose not to correct it. :)

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2 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

Because it is really important to give a child in a developing country (probably without a safe water supply) a plastic bottle and a hair tie or two. 

Please, it is far more important to provide safe drinking water than it is to send hair ties and plastic.  Spend your pennies on wells for communities instead of toys for children who you hope to convert via useless trinkets and OCC.



Giving a child who must walk miles for clean water a safe bottle with a tight fitting lid is a GOOD THING. I've lived in an African country and the water I drank--happily only for a week, was carried in a Monsanto fertilizer jug.   The water bottle is re-useable. I give the Maxwells plenty fo criticism but I can't criticize them for this one--sorry. 

For what it's worth the organization that heads the shoeboxes, Samaritan's Purse DOES provide clean water, advanced medical care including life-saving surgeries and much more. Shoeboxes are a tiny thing compared to all the true disaster relief- they do. They handed out supplies in backpacks to the Caravan heading to the US border.

I know atheists who send shoeboxes, I know gay men who pack them, I know folks who despise the GOP, Christ and Franklin Graham who still do this--it helps ONE CHILD, yes, but it can be a  GREAT gift. The Maxwell's boxes are honestly pretty good. I've seen way worse.

Not at all trying to pick on your or defend them. Just my first hand experience.

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1 hour ago, OhNoNike said:

I dunno if it’s really counted as making a living?  We don’t know how much she actually sells or makes. She lives at home and doesn’t have many expenses from what I can tell.  I know she sells boobs but who knows how much she makes. 

She's not making a living by any stretch of the imagination:


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #305,270 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#728 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Chapter Books

#901 in Books > Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching > Homeschooling

#3303 in Books > Children's Books > Literature & Fiction > Chapter Books & Readers > Chapter Books

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