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Supernatural Season 14

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2 hours ago, danvillebelle said:

Lisafer...I saw the news when I got up this morning, and the first person I thought of was you.  

I love the show dearly and I always will...but I'm happy it's ending.  Jensen is 41 and Jared will be 37 this year...they've both developed so much as actors, I'm excited to see what they will do next.  I hope they both consider more movies.  And of course, they're set for money for life, so they can pick and choose what they want to do, whenever they want to do it.  :)

Yes, I'm sure it's the right time. I'm sort of happy/sad...the actors probably are too! They've given so many years to this show!

I'd love to see Jensen or Jared star in a horror movie...I'd pay to see that in theaters for sure!

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I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've started watching Season One of Supernatural.  I figured if you've lasted for 14 seasons, there must be something to this series!  I just recognized t

It's the rights to the song: Netflix doesn't want to pay that much. @Destiny they probably edit out Carry On still; I'm not sure, I have several of the early seasons on DVD to bypass the substitute mu

TNT hosted a daytime marathon, when I got home around 5 they were in the middle of season 4.  @danvillebelle if you download the CW app, you can watch the newest ones a day after they air! 

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On 3/22/2019 at 5:17 PM, Lisafer said:

Jensen, Jared, and Misha just announced in a video that next season (Season 15) will be Supernatural's last. I'm feeling all the feels right now. I knew that it most likely wouldn't be stretched out for more than a couple more seasons, but it's still so hard to accept the end. Even knowing that ending on a high note is better than dragging the show out into tortured infinity, it hurts like hell. 

I'm maybe overemotional about it, but I still remember the first time I saw this show, and the first episode I ever saw (Yellow Fever). I was young, anxious, OCD, and just beginning to come out of fundie-dom then, and Supernatural took hold of my imagination and my heart in a way no show has ever done before or since. 

I'm sure I'm going to bawl like a baby next season. I just hope for an appropriate and satisfying grand finale, and I really wish Jensen, Jared, and Misha the best as they go forward with their lives!

I used to ditch work and sleep in with Charmed on TNT.  Right after that they'd show SPN and I'd typically sleep through them until one morning I work up to the first episode of Season 4...and Dean being reborn and Cas showing up and uttering that enigmatic phrase:  "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition...." 

For me the ending is bittersweet.  I know it has to end at some point...but I'm not sure if I'm ready.  I hope to see the brewery in person one day soon, Austin isn't terribly far from me.  I just hope whatever they end up doing afterward, they enjoy it just as much.


Edited to add: with reference to Wayward Son and the first two seasons...Netflix does jack with a lot of the music but CoMYWS wasn't added as the "road so far song" until season 2.  It was the finale song for the last episode of season 1 but Netflix does leave it out.  It's frustrating when you've seen the episodes on TV and know what's supposed to play! 

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Supernatural Season 14, Episode 17, Game Night

Holy crap, y'all. So much happened in this episode...and it ended on a truly alarming cliffhanger! 

We start out at Donatello's house, where he's baking cookies and humming "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head." Please tell me I'm not the only one who immediately remembered the episode of Angel where Angel sings this exact song to the demon Lorne to prove he's got his soul back! Given that Donatello's soulless, this can't possibly have been accidental on the writers' part, and I love it!

Somebody's ringing the doorbell, and when Donatello flings the door open, he's attacked and bound to the kitchen table and injected with something by an assailant. We don't see his face.

At the bunker, Dean is setting up Mousetrap, and Jack and Mary are talking in the kitchen. Jack finds it annoying that everyone keeps asking how he is, and Mary seems quite worried. But they're determined to have a good time, just as soon as Sam gets back with two double-pepperoni Meat Blasters...and a pineapple. But Donatello calls, freaking out and speaking an unknown language. Dean and Mary jump in the Impala, leaving Jack to fill Sam in as soon as he gets back.

Meanwhile, Castiel is meeting the angel Anael in a diner, tempting her with lightly-cursed blood rubies to give him some information on God. He wants, basically, to make a long-distance call to God. And why? Because God is the only one who can return a soul...and, as Cas tells Anael, he doesn't know how much of Jack's soul is left. Anael says that the Biblical Joshua used something to contact God once. Joshua is dead, but she knows someone else who was there. She says she'll take Cas to him.

Sam is upset that Dean left without him. In the car, Mary finally tells Dean that she should have been there more for both of them, that she knows she's been closed off and hard, but that's she grateful for every day she gets to spend with her boys. Foreshadowing? It feels like it. As much as I don't find Mary likeable, is it any wonder that she's closed off and hard? Think about it: she was raised by Samuel Campbell, who we know from past seasons was a skilled hunter but also hard, unscrupulous, and deceitful. The few years Mary spent with John were probably the best of her life, until a demon came back for her son and burned her to death on the ceiling. Then she was resurrected to find that her husband was dead and her boys had become Hunters: her worst fear. Really, I can't blame the woman for not being the mother-figure Dean always wanted. 

Sam realizes that Donatello's speaking ancient Hebrew, quoting Peter 5:8, which is a verse about the devil as an adversary, walking about and seeking whom he might devour. Cool, but Donatello should have been speaking ancient Greek in that case. Anyway, this is a bad sign. When Dean and Mary burst into Donatello's house, Nick is there, wearing Donny's apron and apparently finishing the cookie-baking. 

Dean holds Nick at gunpoint and he and Mary try to figure out what he's done with Donatello. Nick says he's injected Donny with thallium and hidden him in a warehouse, conveniently livestreaming it to prove what he's done. Mary asks what he wants. Nick says, "I want to talk."

Meanwhile, Cas, who is driving a sweet pickup truck, goes with Anael to "Orlando's Emporium," where the proprietor, a very young-looking Methuselah, is not interested in helping. Yes, he knew Joshua. They were roommates. Joshua made a mean lasagna. Reluctantly Methuselah admits that the "thingamajig" that Joshua used to contact God is somewhere in the huge warehouse. Anael and Cas start searching.

In a very moving slow-mo scene, Mary and Dean escort a handcuffed Nick into the bunker and Sam loses control and slams him into the wall. Dean has to pull him off. Sam is beyond pissed. Mary tries to calm him down, but Sam feels like the murders Nick has committed are his fault. Mary says it's not true, that Sam's a good man and she's proud of him. Uh-oh, sounds like more foreshadowing to me...

Anael is fed up with looking for Joshua's batphone. She tells Cas to just admit that he's looking for God because it's easier than admitting to the Winchesters that Jack's soul is gone. Cas looks like he's been slapped in the face. Anael admits that she's given up on God and the whole "God doesn't meddle" theory of how the world works. She doesn't want to serve a God who won't help relieve the suffering of Earth. Well, there. She's not just about the money after all. They're almost ready to leave when Cas spots an amulet that looks a lot like Dean's amulet: the one that glows in the presence of God. He takes it in his hand and calls God for help. There's no answer. "Yeah," says Methuselah, "it never worked for Joshua either."

Nick wants to talk to Jack. Mary and Dean are against it, but Jack wants to help Donatello and Sam backs him up. Jack goes in alone, Nick taunts him until Jack gets close and then headbutts him in the face. Jack backs up: there's blood on his face and on Nick's shirt. Jack powers up and heals himself, then approaches Nick again. A little later he comes out and tells the Winchesters that Nick is going to show them where Donatello is. 

At the manufacturing plant or warehouse or whatever it is, Dean goes inside to save Donny while Sam sits in the car with Nick. Meanwhile, at the bunker, Jack sees the syringe used to inject Donatello and realizes it held angel grace, not poison. They've been played. Mary calls Sam, who steps out to answer the call while Nick picks his handcuffs in the backseat: he concealed a pick under his skin, gross.  Sam finishes his call and yanks Nick out of the car at gunpoint, demanding to know why he injected Donatello with grace. 

Turns out Nick was powering up Donatello to make a long-distance call to someone in the Empty. I'm sure we all know who. And he got through. Lucifer gave Nick some instructions; part of that was to obtain Jack's blood. Oh crap, that's why he head-butted him. And Nick's been getting help from the demons, who want Lucifer back too. Nick gets the upper hand on Sam and smashes his head with a rock before fleeing and stealing a truck. Inside the plant, Dean finds Donatello and gets jumped by demons. He's fighting them off as Sam honks the horn desperately outside before collapsing, bleeding from the head. 

Dean's calling Mary in a panic, trying to keep Sam conscious. Nick is in an abandoned cabin, hastily throwing together the rest of the spell to call Lucifer from the Empty. Jack's blood is suddenly on fire as he feels the power of the spell. He looks at Mary. He thinks he can get to Nick, but he promised not to use his powers. Mary tells him to do it.

Jack and Mary appear in the cabin as Lucifer is emerging from the Empty. "NO!" Jack shouts, and flings him back into the darkness. Then he burns Nick to a crisp as Mary tries to stop him. Mary, freaked but still thinking of her boys, tells Jack to go heal Sam.

Dean is almost crying, trying to keep Sam alive. Sam is gasping: "You always put me first...your whole life..." it's so sweet, and since we know Jack is on his way, not very alarming for the viewers. Jack pops in, heals Sam, and then pops back to Mary, who has walked outside the cabin in distress over Jack's actions. I mean, he's practically her grandson. She tries to talk him down, convince  him to come back with her and let the Winchesters help. Jack is angry, and suddenly his ears are filled with a ringing noise. He puts his hands over his ears and stumbles down the path. Mary follows him anxiously, calling his name. Jack, in pain, screams at her "Leave me alone!" and everything goes black.

In the darkness we hear Jack's terrified whisper: "Mary?"

Oh hell, y'all. What did he do?

Coupled with the trailer for next week's episode, in which Dean apparently tells Cas "You're dead to me!" and I'm feeling all sorts of feelings. I feel like Mary's presence on the show is kind of unnatural, but if she's dead or hurt, the repercussions are going to be huge. I mean, Dean saying something like that to Cas is big. Hell, when Cas tried to kill him Dean still said they were family. But hiding the truth about Jack has hurt both Jack and Mama Winchester, and that's not easily forgivable. 

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I swear to Chuck if Dean & Cas don't make up!! 


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Supernatural Season 14, Episode 18, Absence

I'll spare you the wondering. Mary really is dead, y'all.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean have just gotten back from saving Donatello and fighting with Nick. Jack and Mary are not home, but they aren't worried about that just yet. They have a beer and talk about Jack. Dean says "We'd be up the creek without that kid," but he doesn't seem overly happy about it. Concerned, perhaps? Finally he calls Mary's phone...and it rings in the bunker. Now the Winchesters are starting to get concerned. They call Jack, he doesn't answer. They call Cas, who is alarmed to hear that Jack and Mary were alone together. He finally confesses what he saw with the snake. Dean is pissed and hangs up.

Jack is alone where we left him at the end of the last episode. His phone is trilling in his pocket, but he's staring at the sky in desperation and pays no attention.

 Sam tracks Jack's phone and sees it literally flying around the world. Jack is on the move. After a while, Jack returns to the cabin and collapses on the ground. He's having memories of Mary, happy, showing concern for him. While he's out in front of the cabin, Nick/Luci walks up next to him. But it's not Nick or Lucifer, it's Jack's subconscious. Which is rather Luciferian at this point. "You can't solve it," Jack's subconscious tells him. "Buddy, you killed Mary Winchester." 

"It was an accident," Jack protests. He becomes increasingly distressed by his Luci-subconscious and screams "shut up!" at it, blasting it away into powder with a flick of his fingers. Why hello, Thanos. 

Sam and Dean, having re-located Jack's phone at the cabin, are driving out there. Sam is trying to calm Dean down, and Dean is trying to hold onto hope that Jack still has a soul. It's night when they drive up and park beside Mary's truck. Sam enters the cabin cautiously while Dean heads around back. Of course Sam comes upon the mangled body of Nick lying on the floor. He shouts for Dean but gets no answer. Dean is standing out back at a huge blast site similar to an angel's. Sam finds him there and the Winchesters stand in front of it, their anxiety mounting.

Cas gets to the cabin and sits outside in his vehicle, gathering courage to go in. He remembers hunting with Mary: she stuffed snacks in her face after killing vamps and wouldn't let him heal her wound because she was still nervous about angels. When they got in the car together to go home, Cas told her that Sam and Dean were glad to have her back, because they weren't so alone. Mary turned and gave him a beautiful smile. "Castiel," she said. "They were never alone." It really is a beautiful memory. Finally Castiel enters the cabin to face the music.

Dean is starting to crack. He tells Cas that if anything happened to Mary, Cas is dead to him. Cas admits he was scared, that he thought he could fix Jack himself. He'd seen something in Jack: not evil, not malice, but "the absence of good. I failed you," he says. "And I failed Jack. And I failed--." "No, no!" Dean says angrily. "Don't even say it. Don't even say her name!"

Rowena calls. She can't track Jack's energy, it's too unstable. As for Mary Winchester: the only thing Rowena can say definitely is that "Mary Winchester is no longer on this earth." 

Dean breaks a chair. Sam asks what they're going to do, and Dean says they're going to do what they always do and fight to get their family back. Rowena has the Book of the Damned: maybe there's a spell in there. Dean yells at Cas to go to Heaven and look for Mary. 

Rowena's working on the spell when she hears a knock on her door. She's surprised that the Winchesters are so early, so of course we all know it's Jack standing in front of her door. He comes in, desperate, saying he killed Mary by thinking it, although he didn't mean to kill her. Rowena tells him about the spell--the Magice Necromantiorum--but she's actually stalling until the Winchesters get there. When Jack realizes he's been tricked, he snatches Rowena and the book and vanishes as the Winchesters burst in. 

Cas is at the playground, calling Naomi. Dumah pops up in the sandbox. She says Mary  died painlessly, finally, completely, and is at peace in Heaven--her own special Heaven. "Mary Winchester is complete," she tells Cas, and the finality in her words is stunning. It's not just a message to Cas, it's a message to the Supernatural viewers. Mary Winchester is complete. 

Jack is at the bunker with Rowena. He forces her into the library to help him with the spell, and notices the marks in the floor from when Dean was still Michael and Mary taught Jack how to use a knife. We slip from Jack's memory to Sam's: he came in right after Jack was talking to Mary, and shared a moment with her. Mary told him that there's always parental guilt, that all parents feel like they're failing, and then they look at their children and see how amazing they are. It's a moment of real, open affection from Mary, and Sam snaps out of the memory with tears in his eyes.

Dean is yelling and desperate. Sam says it wasn't just Cas' fault. THANK YOU, SAM. It was Sam's fault too: it was everyone's fault who should have known how dangerous Jack was, but who ignored it because it was family. Dean finally--finally--admits his part in this. He should have known even earlier than Cas, when Donatello tried to warn him about Jack's power. 

Jack is impatient with Rowena as she works on the spell. He's also being annoyed by his subconscious, which is trying to convince him that any emotion he feels now is just a reflex impulse that he should let go of. Eek. Finally Rowena is ready and Jack transports her to the area behind the cabin. Rowena very gently asks him where the body is. She has to have the body to do the spell.

But there is no body: there's just the blast site. Jack tries to convince Rowena to do the spell anyway, but she tells him that it won't work, that whatever comes back will not be Mary. She refuses, which is pretty brave, even considering that her death is fated to be at Sam's hands. Jack flings her all the way back to her home and starts the spell himself. Rowena calls the Winchesters. This is an emergency. Jack could bring back something truly horrible if he completes the spell himself.

The Winchesters are gunning it back to the cabin as Jack chants and purple clouds form in the sky. Baby breaks down near the cabin due to the energy in the air, and the Winchesters spring through the trees towards Jack. The skies clear. Jack whirls around towards Sam and Dean. "It didn't work," he says, desperately. 

Suddenly Mary's body--just her empty body--appears. Dean rushes over but he knows she's dead. He holds her in his arms while Sam kneels beside him. Jack is gone, and the Winchesters are left alone. 

Jack finds himself a nice empty warehouse to be miserable and listen to his subconscious putting ideas in his head. Not good, Jack. 

Sam is looking at photos of Mary in the bunker when Cas comes in quietly. He tells Sam and Dean that he saw Mary's Heaven. She's at peace with John, and there's no guilt for her anymore. She's at peace. He doesn't have to say it out loud, but he's telling the boys not to try and get her back. For the second time, Sam asks Dean what they should do. 

"We do what we always do," Dean says, but it's a different meaning this time.

They make a funeral pyre for Mary in the woods and burn the body. Dean stands alone, a little apart from Cas and Sam. Cas makes a motion to go to him, but Sam gently pushes Cas back and shakes his head. The three of them stand there, watching the flames lick up along the logs.

I was tearing up by the end of this episode. After Mary's return, I never found her a particularly likeable character (hell, I liked Ketch better), but this whole episode was very moving. I feel that the writers did a great disservice to Mary's character by waiting until this episode to show the "good" moments after her return: the memories that Cas, Sam, Dean, and Jack had really humanized her a lot. If they'd written that stuff into earlier episodes, I think it would have gone a long way towards improving her image among the Supernatural viewers. But humanized or not, Mary really didn't belong in the show, and they've written her out with a tenderness and respect that certain other characters should have received as well (cough cough CROWLEY cough cough). 

Since season 15 has been announced as the last season, I think the writers are starting the process of tying up the loose ends. Nick/Luci may be gone forever, except as the subconscious part of Jack; Mary's gone, and since she's with John the writers were able to tie up two ends at once there. The Winchesters are being set up for the last season on their own again, except for Cas. And we've still got two episodes left to finish Season 14, so who knows what could happen?


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I teared up too. The idea that Dean had to bury his mom twice.... it hit me.

I'm anxious for season 15 now.

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Supernatural Season 14, Episode 19, Jack in the Box

In which the Winchesters make a very bad decision...but it wouldn't be Supernatural if they didn't make some bad decisions every so often!

There's a gathering at the bunker: the Hunters have come to pay their respects to Mary. Dean, Sam, and Cas enter the main room and Dean eulogizes his mother really beautifully. "We got a second chance with her," he says, as part of his emotional speech to the somber Hunters.

They all toast Mary and then one of the hunters gets an axe in the head. A second later, AU Bobby walks in. A "damn wraith" was impersonating a hunter and Bobby tracked it to the bunker. It was probably there to gloat over Mary's death, he tells Sam. After the other hunters leave, Bobby, Sam, and Cas are going to have a drink and talk about Mary, but Dean's had it. He doesn't want to talk anymore and he's heading out for a little while. Sam protests, saying they need to talk about Jack. Bobby agrees. He's going to get some hunters together and head out to kill Jack. Cas is adamantly opposed. He says they need to help Jack, not kill him. Bobby is having none of that and storms out. 

Jack is sitting alone in a railyard, remembering Mary, crying, tormented by his Luci-subconscious, which is assuring him that the Winchesters hate him and he can never undo what he's done.

Meanwhile, Dean has parked the Impala and is sitting alone in the woods; as the camera zooms in on him, we see him full-on crying. Aw, dammit, it's breaking my heart. All these years, and when I see Dean crying I still want to sit right down next to him and hug the life out of him. 

Cas is up in Heaven, looking for Naomi. But Dumah's in charge now, having taken charge after Naomi failed to keep the Empty out of Heaven. Cas wants the angels' help to find Jack. Dumah says she'll see what she can do. I don't trust Dumah farther than I can throw her.

When Dean gets back to the bunker, Sam's been searching for Jack on the internet. He says he can't stop thinking about their mom, how she's in a good place now with John. Sam says that he and Dean don't live on faith and hope--they've seen Heaven and God, and they know it's real. Dean wearily points out that God writes paperback books in his underwear, which is probably the funniest line in a very dark episode. 

Dumah shows up at the railyard to talk to Jack. She tells him that what happened wasn't his fault, merely an accident, and that he has a glorious future ahead of him; one that will make the Winchesters happy. She wants him to fix the moral order of the universe. We could all see that coming a mile away, of course. Jack, being what? Two years old? Is immediately influenced by Dumah, and goes with her. Their first stop is an atheist professor and writer. When Dumah and Jack assure him that there is a Heaven and that he needs to renounce his atheist writings, the professor goes to call security. Jack knocks the phone out of his hand and turns him into a pillar of salt, while smiling innocently. His sweet smile is awfully alarming at this point. 

Cas shows up at the bunker and tells the boys that the angels are going to help locate Jack. Dean is sceptical, with good reason. Sam has already found out about the pillar of salt, and found another case where the earth swallowed up a woman who had been embezzling charity funds. Cas recognizes these as Biblical curses, and the three of them reasonably assume this is Jack's doing.

Dumah is walking around Heaven with Jack, telling him they need to make more angels. Jack can't create them out of thin air, but she thinks he can do it with human souls. She shows him the prayer room and tells him to listen to what the people are saying. When Jack listens, he picks out the voice of a woman praying to be received into Heaven. When he drops down to Earth, he finds the woman leading a small congregation in prayer. Jack cheerfully asks if they would all really like to go to Heaven, and he powers up to show them what he can do. He's so innocent, and pleasant, and terrifying. When the pastor walks in and is completely sceptical of who Jack is, Jack knocks him backwards and curses him to be devoured by worms. He then transports the whole congregation to Heaven, leaving the pastor on the floor.

The pastor is taken to a hospital, which is where Sam, Dean, and Cas catch up to him. The preacher tells them that Jack said he was "carrying out Heaven's orders." Uh-oh. Cas realizes what's up and heads to Heaven.

Back at the bunker, Dean proposes a horrifying plan to Sam. They need to stop Jack, and the only means they have is the Ma'lak box. But they'd have to trick him into it by lying...by telling Jack that they're working on a cure for his soul, and that they need to keep him safe in the meantime. Sam is horrified by this plan, but Dean needs Sam because he's got a strong connection with Jack. Dean doesn't trust himself not to lose it before they trick Jack into the box. 

It's an awful plan, but Sam reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Cas forces the angel guard at the playground to let him into Heaven, and sees Jack busy angel-izing all the humans he brought from Earth. Cas demands a private word with Dumah. He calls her on the carpet for manipulating Jack and trying to establish her own "reign of terror." Dumah threatens to destroy John and Mary Winchester's Heaven if Cas dares to cross her. Cas is not having it. He stabs her with an angel blade right there in the hallway of Heaven. Damn, Castiel, way to make a comeback! 

Jack hears Sam praying to him and appears in the bunker. He's so naive and innocent, but he also admits to his soullessness (dang) and says he got upset with Mary basically because she realized the truth. He has no idea how he's coming across to the Winchesters. "I guess I snapped." Dean is barely keeping it together, and Sam's face is literally twitching. They do their best to convince him that it's in his best interest to get into the box; Sam even lays his hand on Jack's shoulder, although his fingers are shaking. 

They show Jack the box and tell him that he just needs to stay there until they can prepare the cure for his soul, and then things will go back to the way they were. Which is really what poor Jack wants. The tension mounts as Jack agrees to get in. He's sitting in the box now, looking pleased but anxious. Sam finally says, "Jack, we got this."

"Okay." Jack smiles sweetly and lies down. Dean closes the box. Sam is close to losing it. The Winchesters leave the room; a few minutes later Jack starts calling for them as he begins to panic.

Sam and Dean have a drink of whiskey in the kitchen. Sam doesn't know if he can deal with leaving Jack locked in the box for eternity. Dean is cold as ice. It's scary to see how flinty-hard he is. Inside the box, Jack starts having a conversation with his Luci-conscious. "You, my friend, are screwed," Luci tells him.

Cas shows up and Sam and Dean tell him what they've done. Cas is pissed. "No!" he says. He tells the Winchesters that they're manipulating Jack just like Dumah was. Unfortunately, he's right. Cas is walking around the kitchen, furious, when a huge rumbling overtakes the bunker. Dust pours from the ceilings as the three of them sprint down the hall to the Ma'lak box.

The box is gone and the shelves are overturned. Glowing eyes appear out of a cloud of dust and darkness as Jack walks toward them. "Jack," Sam says, and then the screen goes black. All we can hear is Sam's shaky breathing.

Well. One more episode to finish out this season. Oh, my poor Jack, I hope that somehow you can get a soul again. And let this be a lesson to Sam and Dean that you shouldn't betray the trust of soulless Nephilim unless you're 100% sure your Ma'lak box is going to hold. 

Eager for next week!

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22 minutes ago, Imrlgoddess said:

What. The. Actual. Fuck. 

It was a heck of an episode. I feel like Sam and Dean acted a little out of character when they decided so quickly to trick Jack into the box. On the other hand, Dean spent years tracking down the demon that killed Mary the first time, so those revenge instincts must have naturally kicked in again.

Moral of the story: don't kill Dean's mommy. 

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Supernatural Season 14 Episode 20, Moriah

I can't even explain my feelings right now. I don't think I have ever, in all the history of Supernatural, felt so blindsided, overwhelmed, and betrayed. We're talking Red Wedding-level betrayal here, folks. 

We open to an alarm sounding in the bunker as Jack stands there, eyes glowing. "You lied to me!" he shouts, and blasts Dean, Sam, and Cas against the walls. When they recover, he's gone. Cas is furious and confused. The box was meant to hold an archangel, but apparently, as Dean says, "The kid leveled up." Dean goes toe-to-toe with Cas on the subject of whether they should kill Jack. He wants Jack dead. Cas is so furious he shoulders Dean out of his way and leaves. 

Jack is walking through the streets of a city, listening to the chatter of people going about their daily busines. Lying. Everybody lies. Finally he's had enough and shouts "Stop lying!" 

Dean and Sam go to a techy facial-recognition company to see if they can track Jack's face and find his location. Dean walks up to the desk and announces, "I'm Dean Winchester and I'm looking for the Devil's son." Um, what? He tries again and says the same thing, also adding that his badge is fake. He hurries back to Sam and demands to know Sam's favorite singer...because Sam always insists it's Elvis, and Dean knows that's a load of crap. This time, he gets the truth. Celine Dion. Really, Sam?! Anyway, truth-telling has erupted around the world. Nobody can lie, and chaos is spreading.

Cas is talking to a demon guarding the entrance to Hell. He wants to go down and inspect the cage, see how it was made. But the demon slams the door in his face. Behind Cas a quiet voice says, "Wow. Yeah. You guys are screwed." 

It's CHUCK. Oh my Chuck, it's really him. He's there because Cas's prayer worked, and because of Jack. Jack, says Chuck, is a problem.

Meanwhile, Jack's gone to see his Grandma Kline. But she doesn't want to talk to him. She figured out that he was lying the first time he visited, and accuses him of killing Kelly. She starts screaming and Jack and he says, "Stop!" with that glow in his eyes. Uh-oh. 

Dean and Sam are running the software themselves while the tech office is dissolved in screaming and fighting. Cas and Chuck appear in the outer office, and Chuck says this is why people need to lie. They go find Sam and Dean. "Hey, guys," says Chuck. 

Jack is running from the Klines' house, the door swinging behind him. 

Dean wants to know where the hell Chuck has been: Chuck says the answer reminds him of a song, and he pulls out a guitar and strums it. Dean shouts "Answer the damn question!" and smashes the guitar on the floor, which I find hilarious. Chuck doesn't, though. He says "DON'T" in a voice that makes Dean back up. Then he snaps them all to the bunker, where it's quieter.

At the bunker, Chuck flicks through the radio stations to show them the chaos occurring around the world. Apparently the Queen of England has been confirmed to be a lizard (somehow I don't think Doctor Who would be surprised by that). Chuck says he has had to step in and fix apocalyptic events before, and Jack is an apocalyptic event. He says he can't stop Jack himself, but the boys can--with the gun that appears on the table. A silver pistol carved with symbols. 

Apparently Chuck agrees with Dean about killing Jack. He created this gun for that specific purpose, but it doesn't use bullets. It's a balancer: whatever happens to the thing you shoot, also happens to you. So that's quite a catch to using this thing. Cas still wants to know why God won't fix Jack's soul, but Chuck says souls are complicated, even for him.

Dean is determined. He tells Cas, "Get on board or walk away." And Cas, bless him, walks away. Ouch. Dean goes off to drink alone in his room. He tells Sam that he's going to pull the trigger. Sam says he's not okay with any of this. They haven't even tried to save Jack, and he's not okay with losing Dean and Jack both. Sam points out that they always have a choice (remember this, it's important). 

Cas drives to a cemetery and looks around, punching the hood of his truck in frustration. Jack appears behind him, and Cas, after looking at him for a moment, hugs him hard. They walk through the cemetery, talking. Jack didn't hurt Mrs. Kline. He ran away. He admits that he can't feel anything.

Sam and Chuck are in the bunker, talking. Sam asks Chuck about what Michael said: that Chuck makes worlds and throws them away. He wants to know if it's true. Chuck tells him, "Of all the Sams and Deans in all the multiverse, you're my favorite." Sam doesn't appear to find this very encouraging. He gets angry and demands to know why everything--saving the world--always falls on the Winchesters. Chuck says "because you're my guys." Something is off, here, and Sam knows it. He realizes that Chuck is afraid of Jack. He asks what Chuck is waiting for. "Oh, nothing," Chuck says. "Dean's already gone." And he smiles: a smug, awful smile that tears the foundation out of my world. This is really wrong.

Jack, unburdening himself to Cas, says he knows Cas loves him and he wants to love him back, but he can't. Cas says he can't yet. He wants to get Jack somewhere safe and figure out a way to get his soul back. But it's too late. They look up and see Dean standing at the entrance to the cemetery with the gun in his hand.

Cas stands up and blocks Jack. I'm so proud of Castiel, this episode. He tells Jack to run, but Jack is done running. He knocks Cas out of the way like a feather and faces Dean. Dean points the gun at him, and Jack slowly kneels on the ground. 

Dean walks closer and raises the gun again. Sam pulls up to the cemetery in a car and starts sprinting towards them, shouting "Dean! Dean!" Jack looks up at Dean and quietly says, "I understand." 

Sam halts near Dean, telling him not to do it, and Chuck appears at his elbow, watching the scene with fascination, a smile on his lips. Sam looks at him with horror. "You're enjoying this," he says. It's true.

Dean cocks the hammer back in slow-mo. Oh, please no. A long, long moment passes, and then...he lowers the gun and tosses it away. Hallelujah. 

Chuck is furious. "Pick it up!" he orders Dean sharply. This isn't the way Chuck wants the story to go. It's supposed to be Abraham and Isaac, an epic story. Sam speaks to Dean. "He's been playing us," he says. Chuck wrote it all...everything...the Winchester's story, start to finish. And this is how he wants it to end: in an epic, father-sacrificing-son tragedy. And the Winchester are spoiling his artistic vision. He tells Dean to pick the gun up.

Dean says no. 

The brothers call Chuck on his bullshit. He's been playing them this whole time, playing with their lives, playing with the world. He never cared, not really. He tries to argue and promises to bring back Mary if Dean does what he says, but Dean tells him, "No, we're done talking. Because this--it isn't just a story. It's our lives!"

Chuck is pissed. In a petty rage he snaps his fingers. Jack collapses in agony, glowing light pouring from his eyes and mouth. When Dean makes a move, Chuck flings Dean across the cemetery, snapping a gravestone in half. In the confusion, Sam picks up the gun. "Hey, Chuck!" he shouts, and fires at God. There's a blinding flash, then black. 

When the commercial break is over, it turns out Sam and Chuck both have shoulder wounds, but neither of them is dead. Chuck is enraged. "Story's over," he says, waving his hands. "Welcome to The End." And he's gone.

Darkness falls over the cemetery as the brothers pull themselves together. Jack is dead. His beautiful eyes have been burned out. Cas is kneeling over him in agony. Sam says Chuck said he couldn't kill Jack. "He's a writer," Cas says grimly. "Writers lie." It's very meta, encompassing both what Team Free Will is experiencing and what the Supernatural fandom is experiencing right now. 

The rest of the episode is set to "God Was Never on Your Side," by Motorhead. It's so fitting and beautiful that I just want to cry. Jack, floating in darkness, awakens in the Empty, where a dark figure gives him a horrifying grin. Billie the reaper is standing there too. "We should talk," she says. 

On Earth, an earthquake shakes the ground as the souls from Hell burst up in fiery explosions and sweep across the planet. A ghost woman stops a driver on a deserted road. A woman hosting a children's birthday party opens the door to a terrifying clown. Girls giggling in the mirror turn away just as frozen fingers touch the glass. 

The dead are rising in the cemetery. Cas, Dean, and Sam stand together as the crowd of shambling figures approaches: Cas wields his blade, and Dean wrenches iron spikes off the fence just before Team Free Will is surrounded by the rotting dead. The screen goes black as the last line of the song ends..."Never on your side."

I just. I can't describe this. All this time, ever since we only knew Chuck as a minor prophet, I liked him. As God, yes, I knew he could be aloof or non-interfering, but I trusted him not to turn on the Winchesters, never to do anything like kill their son Jack and leave them to be eaten by monsters. Yes, I truly believed that God in the last innings would be on their side. And it turns out that he's a petty, rage-filled bastard who only wants one thing: for the story to play out as he's written it. He is evil. As evil, controlling, and deceptive as his son Lucifer. 

Well, Team Free Will made their choice, but what's next? Jack's in the Empty, souls are exploding out of Hell, and Earth is being overrun by the dead. And the Chuck we loved was never who we thought he was. 


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I wanted to tell you all that I'm taking a bit of a break from FJ, but thank you very much for reading and commenting on my recaps. I'm very honored that you did so, and it was a pleasure to know that there are people out there who appreciate my scribblings!

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5 hours ago, Lisafer said:

I wanted to tell you all that I'm taking a bit of a break from FJ, but thank you very much for reading and commenting on my recaps. I'm very honored that you did so, and it was a pleasure to know that there are people out there who appreciate my scribblings!

You will be missed. Thanks for your wonderful recaps! :pb_smile:

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I don't know that I'll be able to do recaps, but I am certainly interested in keeping the dialogue going for this last season. This is a great interview from ET with Jensen and Jared.


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Just wanted to check in and remark that I'm still hanging in there going through all the episodes and am now in Season 5.  There are some really funny scenes sprinkled in along the way, and the Paris Hilton appearance just cracked me up!  I love the "Ghostfacers" team, too.  I'm glad I made it past the first couple of seasons, because Supernatural just keeps getting better!

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3 hours ago, CTRLZero said:

Just wanted to check in and remark that I'm still hanging in there going through all the episodes and am now in Season 5.  There are some really funny scenes sprinkled in along the way, and the Paris Hilton appearance just cracked me up!  I love the "Ghostfacers" team, too.  I'm glad I made it past the first couple of seasons, because Supernatural just keeps getting better!

I love the Ghostfacers team!  They are so fun!

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