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Seewalds 36: Waiting for the Next Cute Kid Video or Photo

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2 hours ago, Charliemae said:

*also a whole other can of worms we could open here is the children that were taken by the american government because they are immigrants and are now being adopted out...

Yes, this is sickening and hasn't received enough attention. The adoption industry is already full of abuse (money+desperate want-to-be parents+vulnerable women and children's lives is a dangerous combination) and I had read a lot about adoption issues before but the idea of deporting parents and adopting out their children hadn't occurred to me until Trump's policies brought more attention to the issue.

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Four is Enough
6 hours ago, Charliemae said:

ADOPTION IS A TRAGDY on all sides, bio parents, adopted children and most parents who adopt are aware of this... It's a world of loss and hurt and needs to be navigated with care and understanding for individual situations.  I don't know yours and you don't know mine..

I don't know whether it's a complete tragedy, but I will agree that adoption is a world of loss and pain. It most certainly takes care in the navigation. Even the best of intentions sometimes go astray.

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