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Matt Bevin's job portal site now points to adult site.

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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's website that originally offered a portal to apply for jobs in his administration now hosts a Japanese anime porn site.

In a news release announcing the job portal in 2015, the Bevin campaign said it "contains a comprehensive web-based application where applications can be submitted for the hundreds of unclassified, non-merit jobs that will be available." The website URL now takes users to the porn site.

The website links to a site featuring cartoon images of women engaged in pornographic acts. The website's IP address is connected to a city in Japan. 

"The domain expired after the transition period, and it was not renewed," Bevin spokeswoman Elizabeth Kuhn said.

(I took the name of the site out so the FJ site wouldn't be tempted to turn it into a link).

I wonder how many family values types will be heading to the site now to get "outraged" (read aroused) over the non family values stuff in there?  And will engage in...well....pick yer own euphemism. 

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If they do find the way to the site, it will be Hillary's or Obama's fault!

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It would have been inexpensive, and fast, to renew the domain and set it to redirect to Bevin's current website. That's why I'm laughing so hard at this whole thing; those jackwagons can't do even simple things right. That and the fact that I live in Kentucky and, therefore, have to deal with Bevin and his sycophants. (It's laugh or cry until election day.)

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