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Joy and Austin 24

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5 hours ago, StraightOuttaArkansas said:

On the topic of "baby voices": While I don't have a baby voice, I do have an exceedingly quiet one. i get so sick of having to repeat myself or being told to "speak up hun" when I am already practically yelling at the person. I refuse to order in restaurants anymore and make my husband do it because of this. I don't meant to vent, just to say, I sympathize with ya'll. I also find the rest of the world excessively loud though because I seem to have married a quiet man and have quiet children (we all have soft/small voices). We call it out "tiny voices".

This is me!I have a soft,quiet voice.If we do eat fast food,I refuse to go thru the drive-thru.They can't hear me and most of the time,mess up my order....once,I tried to speak up,while in the drive-thru..the girl came on and told me to please stop yelling.

I've had people complain they can't hear me,and tell me to speak up,most of my life.

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@melon yes the being told "stop yelling" makes me crazy. I always think "what on earth else should I do?" and I know it is just the same volume as other peoples speaking voices.

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On 11/5/2018 at 9:05 AM, Jinder Roles said:

I’m more shocked that Ted Cruz is still in his 40s, than that he’s the zodiac killer. 

Holy shit, I swear this man was almost 60. I guess being a malicious asshole is bad for the skin. 

Also: is it just me or does Ted Cruz look like a cross between a sloth and a penguin? 

I thought he looked like Grandpa Munster


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It's not the baby voice that bothers me with Joy, it's that her voice is IMO, totally affected and unnatural on TV. Much like Michelle's. There have been people who have met Michelle in real life, outside of fandom events, etc and while she has the same tone of voice she does not speak with that affected voice she does for the cameras.

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Mama Mia

I like that since her marriage Joy seems to be more comfortable with no make-up, hair in a braid or pony, sweatshirts and baseball caps. The years between 14 and 19, her family seemed to be doing everything in their power to have her act and dress and style herself like her big sisters. 

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