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2018: Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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Typhoon Yutu sounds devastating.  I don't know how people even prepare for something as powerful as this.  I'm glad you are safe.

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Der Orange Fuhrer is almost certainly going to ignore the American territory hit by Yutu.  Hell, the asshole didn't even realize that the US Virgin Islands are called the US Virgin Islands for a reason.  Besides there are too many people on these islands who aren't white.

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Most people on these islands are prepared for storms. They happen frequently, though they are normally just a tropical depression/storm that brings some wind and rain. We frequently lose power when the weather is bad. Some areas lose water on a fairly regular basis as well. Many people on the islands live in poverty. Wood and tin structures are not uncommon. These are houses made with a few 2x4s, plywood and corrugated tin. They don't generally have running water or electricity. These structures are not storm worthy. Most people do live in concrete houses that can withstand a typhoon, though in Saipan and other smaller islands it isn't uncommon to have a tin roof that is not storm worthy. Many families have lost everything in this storm. The island of Rota wasn't hit as hard this time but they are still recovering from a direct hit from Typhoon Mangkut that made landfall there as a Cat. 2 storm last month.

The first we heard of Yutu was on Sunday, Oct. 21st. At that point is was just a storm that was still developing that may or may not turn into a typhoon when it passed by us. Just after midnight on the 25th when the the worst of it hit Tinian and Saipan it was a Cat. 5 Super Typhoon.

Story from a local Guam news station with a few pictures

Saipan and Tinian ravaged by Yutu

NPR story

Super Typhoon Yutu, 'Strongest Storm Of 2018,' Slams U.S. Pacific Territory



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I was reading a diary on DailyKos and watched a video from the CNMI as Supertyphoon Yutu hit the islands.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched it.  Those people had nowhere to go.  At least here in SC, we can evacuate inland.  There really is no "inland" on a small island.  Afterwards, there was total devastation.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Homeland Security and FEMA are down at the border with Mexico fending off the "caravans" of brown people. Why the hell aren't they in the Northern Marianas?  

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