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Lithuania and LGBTQ+ people: Giving Some Russia vibes.

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LGL, Lithuania's main (only?) LGBT organization was targeted in an arson attack in early August. The doors were set on fire, but it was put out by taxi driver. Now, somebody has set fire in the apartment building where Romas Zabarauskas lives. Zabarauskas is popular LGBTQ+ activist and film maker, who, following the first attack on LGL, put a rainbow flag on his balcony as a sign of support. When he told the police that he suspects the second attack was linked to that, they told him to take down the flag "before the whole house burns down". Nice. 
The latest updates say that Zabarauskas managed to raise 1,500 euros to buy and give away 500 flags for Lithuanian LGBTQ+ community and allies to put on their own balconies. They even managed to put a rainbow flag on Vilnius municipality. 

Still horrifying. Especially if second attack was indeed meant for Zabarauskas and somebody just had their apartment door burned because they happen to have a gay neighbor. Police reaction... Cmoon. Hell no. 

PinkNews story on first attack on LGL: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/08/10/lithuanian-gay-league-arson-vilnius-lgbt/
Romas Zabarauskas Twitter with his updates: https://twitter.com/rzabarauskas/status/1036577769201778688

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That is horrifying.  People are going to be hurt and/or killed.  The police don't seem to be concerned, will they care if someone "innocent" is hurt or killed?  (I'm using the word innocent more to mean un-involved, not that I think he is guilty of anything.)

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On 9/9/2018 at 3:03 PM, Duggarite said:

Is there any way we could help? 

I don't know. The only thing I've seen is Zabarauskas' fundraiser for rainbow flags, and it looks like he has already met the goal. For that check out #LGBTdraugiškaLietuva ("LGBT friendly Lithuania") on Facebook. 

According to Zabarauskas' Twitter 4 possible homophobic attacks have been transferred to top police department. 

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