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JinJer and Felicity 42: American Girl (grand)Duggar


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1 hour ago, Carm_88 said:

Considering he calls Catholics "demonic" and "pagan"...I would say he's not. 

Yes, I am a pagan and a demon. Ugh!  If it weren't for Catholics, Jeremy might be worshiping Zeus. Or, God Forbid, be a Muslim! 

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13 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

I find that incredibly sad. My mother had two emergency C-sections but both resulted in a healthy mother and healthy babies. It never in a million years would have crossed my mind to describe her births as unsuccessful.

Well, to be fair, the only people I know who had emergency C-sections had them because of really serious complications during labor that caused them a lot of emotional fallout.  One of my friends considers the birth of her daughter to be the scariest experience of her life, because she honestly did not know if her daughter would survive.  It terrified her to the point where they took a longer break from having kids than they planned because it took her a long time to be ready to risk that experience again.

So I don't think it really is sad that they don't call their births successful.  On some level, for them to call those births successful erases the very real emotional toll that they went through.  When they call them "complicated", that's their way of indicating how they felt about the birth.  

Really, I think any way a mother wants to refer to her own birth experience is fine.  "Successful" is a positive word.  If you don't feel positively about your birth experience for whatever reason, then it doesn't make sense to use that.  It's not necessarily negating the outcome, but it is expressing that even a birth that results in a healthy baby and a healthy mother may not be a positive experience.  And I think that's important to recognize.  

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I was feeling my best friend's bump today, she's got 100 days til the due date today. And that little rascal was kicking right the top of her womb! Like mad! She said he usually just nudges and bothers one side, but the fact that we were at a spa and at a mineral pool that had music playing underwater... the bebe liked dem tunes and was dancing all around. That was our conclusion. :5624798180220_Jigglejiggledance:

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I don't have kids, but I would think that any birth that results in a living child and mother is successful.

Having said that, the Duggar's don't seem (we don't know for sure) to have adequate prenatal care and might want to re-think the  home birth idea.

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