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Karissa Collins: Quiverfull Public Facebook, Instagram, and Blog

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Joe Pukepail
6 hours ago, smittykins said:

Her name is Anthym Bliss.

I knew this was the plan, but a gal can dream. Poor kid won't even have a decent middle name to fall back on.

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No prenatal care is not something to brag about! 

Either you're poor and can't afford it, which is unfortunate and something we try to fix as a society. 

Or you're just an idiot who doesn't care about anyone or anything.

Our maternal mortality rates are awful as a country. Part of the problem is poverty and institutionalized racism. Part of the problem seems to be willful ignorance and dangerous decision-making. I'm glad everything went well, but if something had gone wrong,  a lot of the decisions would seem to be contributing factors. 

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8 hours ago, freethemall said:

I saw that video, the most disturbing part is the little boy being manhandled recently broke a leg, and they're all carting him around roughly while he's barely healed. And yeah, Mandrae just sits there and does Jack shit while other kids are crying in the background.

So much discussion on this.  She claimed he broke his leg but God healed it... that they took him back a couple days later and the doctor said it wasn’t broken.

Now.  Many on Reddit seemed to think one reason was that the urgent care doc THOUGHT it could be broken and sent the image for further examination and a specialist said it wasn’t fractured.  I actually wondered if she made up the whole thing to begin with, in order to say God healed him. 

Another redditor pointed out that in a dance video after the “heal”, he stands with his legs planted and just moves his arms. This didn’t strike me as odd when I saw it because kids sometimes do that... but when I saw older videos, he did move his legs around when he danced. 

So I am leaning more to him hurting it somehow but not breaking it.  My own kid did something to a finger this summer. It turned blue at the joint. She’d broken that finger before and it looked the same this time. However, it wasn’t actually broken.  The doc still suggested it be immobilized during rough play so it wouldn’t get damaged further.

I will say that if it was really broken, I’m sure a doc would have put on a hard cast (wouldn’t they?) and we would have seen that. It’s not like she would have removed that. 

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Anthym's birth video is up and WHOA, that was way more of Karissa's butt than I wanted to see.  I had no idea it'd be that graphic.  

I would never ever want to give birth with that many people, children, women, men around.  Utter chaos.  

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