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Karissa Collins: Quiverfull Public Facebook, Instagram, and Blog

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Waffle Time

That Above Rubies article was such a load of bullcrap. Her husband lost his job, and then she decided that she'd heard from God personally that she needed to quit her job too? So she came home and TOLD (not asked, not discussed) TOLD her husband she was quitting.

Explain to me how that headship thing works again, Karissa.

And God "never failed them." All their financial and other needs were miraculously supplied by Jeebus. Horseshit. Probably "provided" the same way JRod's grifting provides for her family. 

Somebody who quits a decent job and "trusts God" to put food on the table for their kids is a crappy parent. Life don't work that way, sweetheart. 

Um, apparently this made me a bit angrier than necessary...

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2 hours ago, Evangeline said:

There's something extra gross about a white mother under-educating and brainwashing her black daughters into not using birth control. Black women don't get praised for having more children than they can support. They get vilified. I really worry for them, more than most fundie girls, even. The world won't be as kind to them as it is to their mother. 

I completely agree. She should be well aware of what POCs go through and the discrimination and prejudices that they face in this world currently ruled by patriarchal, white, wealthy men. It's disappointing that she doesn't write more about being an advocate for her kids with all the oppression. In fact, even sicker, she wants to basically oppress them by telling them they are not designed to rule the world nor designed to be greater than a man. That is very destructive to a child's self-esteem. 

6 hours ago, luv2laugh said:

WTF Karissa?!?! Her 6 girls DESERVE to run the world. How dare she put their picture up and say actually say they (women), “are not designed to be greater than a man”. 



Edited by luv2laugh

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One more thing- Karissa has to admit to herself that she has white privilege. She also had the privilege of choosing how to live her life and what convictions to have. It upsets me that a white mother is denying her POC children opportunities of making their own life decisions when they are already lacking the privileges Karissa has had. It’s not fair.

Edited by luv2laugh

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