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John David is courting Abbie Grace Burnett

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16 minutes ago, sansan said:

Could you or someone direct me to where this was talked about or viewed? Never saw this.

I honestly can’t remember if it was an episode or a link from here, but it was said. I’ll try to find it. 

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I found her on the OK board of nursing. She's an LPN and her license is active.

I'm so impressed with this community's efficiency with internet background checks.     

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1 hour ago, Alisamer said:

It's probably not occurred to him, but really of all of them he has the least motivation to follow the rules. Sure, they can cut the purse strings and not let him use their planes, but he has marketable skills AND could easily cut a deal with a magazine or something to discuss his "fall from Duggar grace" - I'm sure he could spread some dirt around if he felt he had to, he probably knows what skeletons are hiding in the prayer closet. His (probable) soon-to-be-fiancé has a job. They don't need JB the way the other kids do.

That said, I'm sure he's just going to follow along the family party line. And that's understandable, it would be really painful to break from his parents like that, especially with all the siblings he'd lose as well. But he COULD get away with skirting the rules the way none of the others likely could, if he wanted to.

Jinger & Joy are also in this same boat, Jeremy & Austin have jobs of their owns, they have bought their own homes and do not live on or require the services of King Boob. Austin is even more financially set, I think, than Jeremy, since he's got Fort Rock as well. I'm assuming he and his sister Brother in Law will inherit that property when the elder Forsyth's pass. Depending on Jeremy's grifting preaching skills he might be the big time bread winner of the lot.

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