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The Mother Dust

Online dating advice for young widow

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The Mother Dust

Hi All,

 I'm still relatively new to fj, so mods, if somehow this post isn't allowed here, I completely understand if you feel you need to delete it.  I need some advice about online dating, and I figured this site would attract more intelligent and thoughtful people, than say, Yahoo Answers.  I don't have anyone in my "real life" who I can speak with openly about this.  I was widowed in my twenties, after being married for four years.  It was a car accident, so it was rather devastating.  (We didn't have kids)  12 years later and I am in my late 30s, and I haven't been with anyone since the accident.  I am now starting to want to date again though as I am getting rather lonely.   My question is, since I am not yet of the age where a man might expect to date a widowed woman, should I put that I am a widow in my dating profile?  Would that turn men around my age off?   Or should I be upfront about it?    I am also not opposed to dating older, and perhaps a man in his late 40s would be more open to dating a widow than a man in his 30s......  I would greatly appreciate the community's advice.

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