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Dale Partridge - Don't take your pills for mental health issues, just read your bible

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7 hours ago, wild little fox said:

The Followers of Christ in Clackamas County, Oregon. They started in Oregon in the early 1900's and went pretty much unnoticed until the case of the boy who died from untreated diabetes. Before the parents were protected by religious freedom but Oregon changed the law. This was probably my first Fundy rabbit hole since it'll went on not far from where I grew up. 

I'm glad Oregon changed the law so that parents who deny their children medical care can be prosecuted. I wish that Idaho would follow suit, but no luck so far.

Anyone who claims to believe in healing by faith/prayer alone can't be prosecuted if their child is badly disabled or dies from a treatable condition. Followers of Christ, various fundamentalist Mormons, or just anyone who claims that taking their child to a doctor would violate their belief system gets a free pass to neglect their kids. It's incredibly sad and sickening. :(

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There have been a few cases in Oklahoma where the parents have been prosecuted.  It may be a state law here that parents have to get their children medical care.  There is one church, I think it's called the Firstborn of the Lamb, in Tulsa that does not believe in doctors or medical care.  They have had several investigations and at least one prosecution.

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I was terrified to get on medication. Trust me when I say it was my last resort. Therapy, yoga, meditation, clean eating, exercise, etc. did nothing. I even tried church! But I would just cry and/or have panic attacks in the middle of (natural remedy). I missed work because of panic attacks, I was miserable. Eventually I got up the courage to talk to my doctor who prescribed lexapro. I had the bottle for weeks before I actually took a pill because I was so scared of side effects. I remember sobbing on my husband because I was so afraid of dying (for no reason) and finally realizing that although meds were scary to me, nothing could be worse than this. I started with just a tiny sliver of the pill before bed that first night.

It made a world of difference.

I don't mean to sound like a PSA, but if you are suffering from anxiety or depression or even if you just think things don't feel right and can't put your finger on the problem, talk to someone. I saw a therapist and it was helpful, she gave me a lot of tools/ideas. Sometimes that's all it takes. Other times, it takes a little more and that's fine too!

We only get one life for sure and no one should have to suffer through it in fear or misery.

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@ViolaSebastian, I once had a priest who had his MSW. In confession, before realizing I suffered from depression, I told him I was in “despair,” and he invited me to come talk to him if I ever needed to. I can’t remember the non-clerical education of his successor, but confession with him always felt like a really good therapy session. 

(The guy who came after them only wanted a numbered laundry list of sins, and by then I was halfway out the door.)

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Trying to understand

My sister will tell anyone who is listening that God delivered her from having to be on antidepressant meds and an "addiction" to Diet Coke... Here is the thing though, I'm not entirely convinced she had clinical depression. I think she had situational depression due to two miscarriages and was having a dificult time processing some things from her childhood living with our mother who has borderline personality disorder. I think for my sister God and the Bible did help because she had distinct things she could overcome.  I on the other hand have clinical depression and anxiety. I always have. I was not diagnosed as a child, but looking back I don't remember not feeling this way. I thought it was normal because it was my normal. I learned quickly from our emotionally abusive mother that those feelings were not okay, and I better pretend not to have them.  Yet they were always there. My sister can't understand why I have suicidal thoughts. To her they are unfathomable and selfish. I can't explain to her that I can't remember not struggling because to her God can deliver me.  I have been a strong Christian since I was ten if Gid wanted to cure me he would have.  Instead I believe my calling is to help others and to that best I need to take my meds, go to therapy regularly and take really good care of my mental health.  I think many people who say God can cure depression don't have actual clinical depression.

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