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Lori Alexander 46: She Sure Is Highly Edumacated

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Free Jana Duggar
2 hours ago, Sarah92 said:

This is what she said. I think I captured her user name as well so if you want to follow her you can! 

I feel like I missed a lot of what was happening on FJ and with Lori since I was hanging out on the twitterverse following the Paige Patterson stuff. Don't think I'm going back to a southern Baptist church for a while. Yeesh. Gotta go catch up after I'm back from a date. Maybe I'll even have wine like the evil young feminist that I am. 

Thanks. My heart breaks for her (and then to have to deal with her mom, ugh).

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5 hours ago, Maggie Mae said:

I can't get Lori's Transformed Housewife facebook page to load. I don't know why or when I would have been banned. Weird. 

This: http://lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-demon-possessed-teacher.html is insane. I actually laughed out loud, it's so ridiculous. It sounds more like a fever dream of Lori's that she just decided was real. Was the demon-possessed teacher the kid from The Ring?  

In regards to card games - my grandparents play cards constantly. Not anything new, Lori. 

I read that and was amazed.  Amazed that she actually believes that.  I would almost be willing to bet money (not something I normally do) that she made it up 100%.  The teacher she was paired with could well have asked to have Lori transferred to another teacher because Lori was insufferable, etc., and Lori can never be wrong so she lied about the reasons.  Just my opinion.

1 hour ago, Frog99 said:

I’m curious about how Lori will react if Alyssa and John turn to adoption. Part of me suspects Lori won’t embrace an adopted child the way she allegedly does her other grandchildren. I hate her passive aggressive digs at her own daughter. 

I feel for Alyssa. Fertility treatments wreak havoc- physically and emotionally. We were successful but I will never forget the sounds of women sobbing in the other treatment rooms- either because the treatment wasn’t successful or because the embryo didn’t stick. It looks like Alyssa has a pretty good support system so that’s good. 

I can see her rejecting an adopted grandchild.  I hope that Alyssa does have a good support system, because she may well need it with Lori for a mother.

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