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Dillards 57: Run, D’Wreck, Run!


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5 hours ago, nastyhobbitses said:

Thus far, AFAIK, what's been public has been your bog-standard white people cluelessness or insensitivity: making "yuck" faces/gagging noises at unfamiliar foods, sneering at/mocking cultural displays, speaking Spanish to shopkeepers in Nepal because brown people = Spanish, whitewashing American history, not bothering to learn much if any of the languages of the countries they visited, that sort of thing. Wouldn't be even a little surprised if it was worse behind closed doors/away from the cameras. 

Yes! Plus,  the very nature of some of their beliefs and culture are inherently racist. (e.g: dancing to any rhythm  is ‘sinful’, the general white-washing of Gothardism, sneering at other cultures, anything D-wreck does, the time Anna used BLM as a tool to plug her anti-abortion rhetoric etc,)....not to mention some of the people they associate with and politically supported. 

Racism operates more subtly now than a few decades ago, but has always (along with any other ‘ism’) been systemic.

It seems like the Duggars mostly avoid talking about race (with the exception of Bin) because it’s probably a non-issue in their minds and they have the privilege of not needing to worry about it. 



Edit: I vaguely remember one 19KAC episode where they visited some place where a bluegrass band was singing and dancing and Jim Bob admitted that their movements were ‘wholesome’...probs cause it was white people moving their feet and not brown/black people moving other parts.

Does anyone else remember this? 

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Derick, Dan and Cathy presented scholarships at Rogers HS in honor of his dad last night. Interestingly one will go to an Eagle Scout.

My first thought was "bet none of them are gay." :pb_sad:

He also hashtagged #education and the comments are once again excellent. Literally nothing he does at this point will be seen as 100% positive or genuine. 

Maybe he can go to Jesus jail, just so the internet can have some peace from his hateful nonsense. 

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@nastyhobbitses @BernRul 

Nothing outright,

I saw something about Austin being linked to a picture of Mitt Romney with a noose around his neck.

At that point, I was already done with Joy and Austin, so I mumbled my distaste and confirmed my choice to delete them was correct.

Sorry, but any jokes involving nooses for people (regardless of race) who don't comply with back water standards lean towards the individual having racists and violent undertones, fm. 

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My thoughts:

- I doubt Derick checks with Jill prior to posting. He has the penis, possibly a very small one, but that means he has the power.

- I also doubt that Jill disagrees with pretty much anything he has said. I doubt any of the Duggars or Bateses do to be honest. I do think all of them, Jill included, disagree with his tone and manner of stating his views though. 

- I think Jill’s posts are a mix, partly meant as damage control and partly meant as just a normal look at their lives. I think, like a lot of parents, she is proud of her kids and wants to show them off... she’s just so tone deaf she doesn’t get how to do that well on a consistent basis.

- I think, at this point, Jill could probably salvage her public image a bit. If she stops the weird, obnoxious, or dangerous type posts and focuses more on her kids being kids then she could eventually rehab her idiotic persona a bit. Not entirely so long as she sticks with Derick, but at least she wouldn’t come across as a massive moron all the time. Derick on the other hand? Nope. He’d need to disappear from social media completely for several years, change his attitude, and how he approaches discussing controversial or heavily charged topics before returning to the public eye. I don’t think he’s capable of that unless he’s forced to do it.

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Hes clearly lacking in the “filter” department. The building a wall photo should be something that’s posted in a family group chat “ha ha look what izzy did!” - if he felt the need to post it anywhere. Not for all to see. Its fine to have views and opinions - but when you are part of a public family (whos views and opinions have got them this far), you should use that mushy thing stored between your ears to filter out the crap first. 

Lol, he’s probably been removed from the duggar group chat. 


Im atheist, but I sure as heck dont go banging on about it in social media. I respect everyone’s right to have their own views, just dont come knocking at my door with them! I love this quote lol


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I sometimes forget  (because he seems like such a fringe raving anti-secular education fundy now) that Derick was the mascot at Oklahoma State University, performing in Boone-Pickens Stadium in front of SIXTY THOUSAND fans + a televised audience.

And those fans were showering him/the team with nothing but positive attention.

I wonder if Derick misses that--basking in that carefree, happy football Saturday atmosphere, feeling that it is all directed towards him.  

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This comment from Derick (on his most recent Instagram post) makes me think that our assumptions about him feeling  emasculated by people still referring to Jill as a Duggar are correct. 

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