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Serven separation?

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I used to be a booster of VF... I am very, very sorry for any part that I had in it and for supporting my ex in her cheerleading. By the time the scandal came out I was like, "yup, sounds about right". The control, misogyny and narrow bigotry had become quite apparent and repellant to me. I was headed out of Patriarchy to Egalitarianism and amazingly (at the time) my ex actually came a good ways along with me. I am so glad that it all came crashing down in the way that it did. Same for RC Jr; what a pig. Same for Bill Gothard; another pig.

The layers upon layers of rules in those cultures were very deep... no BC, no public school, no working mothers, no vaccinations, no broadcast TV, no music with a beat, no dating... it went on and on and on.

I rebuilt my relationships with all my kids and have apologized to them all for my role in all of it and have asked for and received their forgiveness. They show love to me and are very kind to me.

As for the marriage... in Late 2013 she decided that she wanted to be a marriage and family therapist (MFT), like the one who helped us, only "Christian" flavored though. She began completion of an undergraduate degree in 2014 and then undertook a master's program in 2016. Late 2017 she emailed me that she was divorcing me and after that, no amount of appeal would even get her to talk with me about it... alone or with others. The divorce was final on Dec 31 2018 (after almost 37 1/2 yrs) and she got married 6 days later. She's changed her name and it is now "Carmon Conover".

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