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Maxwell 20: Fun just dies

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There are a lot of hypocritical beliefs in Steve's world, but I'm particularly reminded of 'honoring thy father' after the Gigi post. He preaches that one should always obey the father (and to a certain extent, mother) and show respect, but has no qualms about throwing his own parents under the bus. Teri does the same thing. Steve and Teri's parents went to "liberal" churches or didn't believe exactly the same thing as Steve or didn't repeat the exact same words for salvation. What TERRIBLE parents! At the very least, if you TRULY believed that one should respect your parents and expect/enforce that your adult children obey you as a parent, you would SHUT UP about your parents' shortcomings. And now the same thing is trickling down to the kidults - Gigi is great, if ONLY she would have been "correctly" saved when she was younger!! 

And...despite how TERRIBLE Steve and Teri's parents are for not believing the exact same things as Steve...

Steve and Teri's parents allowed their children to grow up into adulthood. Steve and Teri could go to college and get real jobs. Steve and Teri could make decisions like adults, including about who to date and marry. Steve and Teri didn't have to buy a house within a 3 block radius of their childhood home and pay in cash. Steve and Teri didn't have to base their reproductive decisions on what Steve's dad said, they didn't have to drag their eleventy children to some 'church' consisting only of other family members and nursing home residents who may not even want to be there. 

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Waffle Time
5 hours ago, Melissa1977 said:

Impossible! Pearls and Maxwells are enemies. They were friends years ago, but that friendship finished and Pearl wrote an ugly article in which Maxwell family wasn't named but was easy to recognise. Pearl critisised that Maxwells don't allow their adult kids to be real adults.

This is not the first time where it seems like Michael Pearl has very accurately evaluated other fundies. Pearl is a horrible person, but this kind of thing scares me because he seems like a smart horrible person. *shudder* That makes him so much more dangerous.

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Coconut Flan

Carry on here:


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