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Kendra and Joe Duggar 9: Garrett David Has Arrived


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Ooh, I'll get in on this game! Babies arriving: 

Lauren - April 2019

Jessa - May 2019

Anna - July 2019

Kendra - October 2019

Joy - November 2019 

Jill - December 2019

Jinger - February 2020 

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3 hours ago, Iamtheway said:

One of these announcements better come soon. I’m all cought up on all the threads and I’m bored. Someone get married, engaged or, even better, out. Now. 

Well the new season starts next month sometime I believe so along with JInjer baby I'm sure we'll be getting lots of little announcements. 

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1 hour ago, Dandruff said:

Wonder who will produce the first set of twins...

I am at the point, where that's what it would take to find these string of births interesting. 

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13 hours ago, VelociRapture said:

And I don’t care what anyone else thinks - that chocolate mess looks magical and I would do horrible things to it.

I just feel bad for the dishwashers in the back who have to deal with the viscous puddle of gooey chocolate sauce on the plate and the outside of the glass. 

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On 6/9/2018 at 4:45 PM, JermajestyDuggar said:

Teenage brides get pregnant quick I guess. :-/

Makes me sad, really, that these teen brides, who really still have so much growing up to do since 18 really is still a child in many ways, are going from virgins to mothers in so little time that they not only don't get a chance to get to know themselves without strict paternal oversight, they also don't get a chance to get to know themselves as wives.  It really drives home that who they are doesn't matter to anyone.  It's like they still aren't humans as wives.  Husbands get to go out and do stuff independently and still get to know themselves, but wives stay home.  All that matters for girls is breeding and serving the master of the house.  How depressing.

And is it sad that the very, very first thought when I heard their baby was born and named Garrett David was that at least he has a normal name, not something that sounds like a fish ejaculating (sturgeon having a spooge) or proclaiming their parents' political views about a couple countries, or like a letter-gimmick?

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