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announcement Puppies will be kicked if you do not read this!

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Hi Folks,

We are going to be making a small change.  We will no longer be merging threads quite so aggressively.   We are going to try and phase out megathreads for the most part.  The whole reason certain families were moved to their own homes was so members could start threads with wild abandon and not have them overtake the rest of the forum.

So starting immediately please start posting threads again!  If we have a big news day and there are multiple posts on the exact same topic, those will still be merged into one thread, but topics that are "similar" or just happen to be about the same family are no longer going to be automatically merged into a megathread by a helpmeet.

Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome as always.

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PSA:   *No puppies were actually kicked in the making of this announcement.*

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Jug Band Baby

Thank you!  It's overwhelming to go away for a few days or a week, come back, and the megathreads are just too much to get through.

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