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Missing CDC scientist


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A CDC epidemiologist has gone missing in Georgia. He left work early after feeling sick two weeks ago, and no one has heard from him since. His parents suspect foul play, since his car and wallet were at his house, and his dog was left alone (which they said he would never do). He was part of the team that responded to the Ebola and Zika outbreaks.


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I don't have the article to link to, but I did read somewhere that there were mental health concerns. I fear a bad outcome.

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This is the best article:


His car was at his house and so was his dog, car, keys, wallet, and phone.  The area where he lives is wooded and not terribly far from the Chattahoochee river, but if he left because he was sick it wouldnt make sense for him to be out walking.  If he left because he needed a mental health day thats a different story, but the open windows are weird.

I have met him a few times and have friends that are close to him.  I truly hope that he is found safe somewhere, but considering the amount of people who have been looking for him I dont have much hope.  Its just been too long and the area is not that large.

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25 minutes ago, Howl said:

The fact that he hasn't contacted family by text or phone means this likely won't have a good outcome.  Very sad. 

His phone was in the house.  The true only hope is that he went for a walk, bonked his head, and is hospitalized somewhere... but considering that his picture is EVERYWHERE thats not likely.

The weather here in Atlanta has been quite nice since he's been missing until last night when it was in the 40s.   Could he have fallen in the river and floated a few miles downstream to a completely uninhabited area?  Sure... and if he crawled out he could have survived by the temps, but there is nowhere in Georgia that you can walk for a week without encountering a road.

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On 2/26/2018 at 7:53 PM, Dandruff said:

Reminds me of Stephen King's story, "The Stand"...

I thought that too.

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