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Has anyone watched Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil? It is an A&E documentary.

A couple of the of the former FLDS were previously on Escaping Polygamy. (Rachel Jeffs, Isaac Jeffs)

It was a good documentary. I have read several books and the nice thing about this documentary was that it put all the stories together in the timeline. It told how the people in short creek didn't know about Eldorado nor Pringle or the other properties (Colorado & Canada). Besides the abuse, it talked about Warren hiding from the feds, talked about the raid on YFZ ranch and what the feds found (all the birth records, etc). It also went more into how Warren raised to power. Which I have read in other books but it was interesting to hear from other voices on how it all fit together. The documentary also talked about the lost boys suing for control of the FLDS land trust (UEP) and that many (including Elissa Wall) have moved back and trying to take back the town. One of them said that more and more are waking up and the people leaving call it "waking up" to the truth. The school is flourishing (which FJ has talked about before).

Out of all the cults, I think this one might actually be dying out. It will still take another generation. The good news is the education, education is the one way to break out of cults and that is why these fundies and cults heavily deny education. Cult leaders can't have the people thinking! I do wish the prison would put more restrictions on access to Warren by the followers.

If you haven't seen the episode I highly suggest watching it.

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I watched it tonight. Very well done, with lots of different perspectives. I'd like to see more like this on A&E. Very heartened to hear that the Utah government has opened a public school in Short Creek and that it is well attended. Hopefully access to an actual education and some research skills will help move the remaining extremist pockets back into something that's more respectful of people's human rights. 

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I finally got around to watching it. It's very well done. Also, a lot of information I never knew. I think maybe 2 more "generations" and this cult will die out. From what I read in the news, Warren isn't letting anyone reproduce. There hasn't been a baby born in Short Creek in a long time. And a lot of people are just leaving. Apparently, thousands of people left already.

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