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Psy vs Fundie


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So this is my first time in starting a thread, hope i kit in the right Subforum it not please feel free to move it . I love the Psy-Changelling books of Nalini Singh and more i read about the Psy society and more i think the fundie will love it. They fell superior to anyone else, they don't see the need of emotion, love socyopat, they live in their own bubble and so on.

Am i the only one who see this similarity?

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Add me to that list too - I’ll read and join the conversation (though I also have a big list of books from @quiversR4huntingto read in the next couple of weeks). Would you start with Slave to Sensation?

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For now, i'm only midway trow Hostage to Pleasure so you have time let me know what you think about after the first two books if you want, so you have more ideas :my_biggrin:

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