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Questions about community reputation

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I have two questions about how users are displayed on the forums here. First, I've noticed that usernames are sometimes different colors (I think mine is green, others are I think red or coral). What does that signify? I usually view the forum on my phone, if there's a different display setup on desktop. 

Second, what causes community reputation points to go up or down, and what are the different levels of reputation? Mine is neutral, for example, and it would be neat to know what that means. 

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Explaining the different colors: http://www.freejinger.org/faq/1-site-related-questions/#elQuestion-7

Community reputation is based on people up-voting or down-voting your posts. There are 5 "positive" votes, 5 "neutral" votes, and 5 "negative" votes.

  • Positive (adds one point to total reputation): Upvote, Love, Thanks, I agree, Ha Ha
  • Neutral (no effect on reputation): WTF, Rufus Bless, Bless Your Heart, Sad, Confused
  • Negative (subtracts one point from total reputation): Down vote, Fuck You, Move Along, Disgust, Angry

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