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2018 March for Life Social Media Snark Thread

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12 hours ago, FundieFarmer said:

I usually correct to “pro-birth”.

They aren't really even pro-birth or pro-fetus because most of the time they vote for people who want to cut funding to programs that help pregnant women. 

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On 1/27/2018 at 3:35 PM, FundieFarmer said:

The solution to this is more sex ed, providing contraception, etc. “But people shouldn’t have sex before they’re married anyway so that’s not my problem.” Shut up Karen, it is too. Because then you bitch about welfare and PP and WIC because you wanted the babies born instead of supplying preventive measures. Cut your bullshit.

We sent our daughter to private school for elementary because the public school she would have gone to was not really very good.  The one we chose was a Christian school but it had a very good reading program and she excelled at reading so that's the main reason we picked that school.  But we also knew that we would probably have to do a lot of "reprogramming" (we used the term jokingly) as far as some of the religious lessons.  We were right about that, but it was the best option for her at the time. When I was in upper elementary school, we had the "girls only" lessons with all the changes our bodies would be undergoing, etc, and the boys had theirs.  At my daughter's school, the girls pretty much had nothing at their "girls only" lessons and the boys had lessons on nonsense and it was all because a boy's mom complained that her son did not need to learn any of that stuff! Our daughter had already had those lessons from me, but she was still very surprised at how little they were actually taught about that subject.  We are also very much in favor of birth control and that was also something else she was taught. But I do wonder just what happened to some of the kids she went to elementary school with - we know at least one of them became a teenage unwed mother and I'm pretty sure her mother was of the "she doesn't need to learn that stuff" mindset.

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https://marchforlife.org/mfl-2019/  is this Friday y'all!  Keep your social media eyes peeled for your favorite fundy on the March.

I work on Capitol Hill and as always will be praying for sleet, freezing temperatures and plagues of locusts. And the patience to not fatally club the first obnoxious littering "Christian" highschooler I see.

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