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Maxwell 17: Life After John Left

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4 hours ago, lilith said:

Maybe when she’s not with the “extended family” she’s wearing maternity jeans and cute tunics.

Puleeze!  Christopher would have apoplexy!

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4 hours ago, Fascinated said:

I do agree with some of your points. But the ‘girls’ do construction and go on hikes in inappropriate-for-the-occasion skirts.  I’m just not sure I see the higher expectations for Steve’s daughters.

Good god, that is awful. How frightening that must be for a child to hear. Cannot fathom. 

Sadly, I mean nothing more than the fact that Steve seems to view his daughters as intellectually and physically robust, unlike many patriarchs who seem to assume that girl-children are incapable of more than reading a recipe book or rolling delicately beneath a fence (cough cough Kelly Brown Bradrick).

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I'm sorry...truly I'm sorry..but..josh us always reminds me of a patriarchal king in the making.  His latest swotty bum recital of Jonah confirms this for me. He is a mini Steve.  I know he's a child.  I know I should feel really really bad..but sorry..not sorry. The elder sister on the other hand is gawjuss. .just child model material. She looks carefree and sometimes a bit of mischief..just the way she should be chez maxhell.

No mention of annas varicose veins this pregnancy? 


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Pristopher and NR Anna's living room is gloomy as hell. It looks like it belongs to an old lady who's stuck in the eighties, not to a young family with a load of little kids. Well, at least it has a soft carpet and not cold tiles a'la Chez Stevus.

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