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One Daring Jew Compares Abortion to Holocaust.


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Well, technically a Jew who converted to Christianity, but still. This guy could have been killed in Holocaust as a baby; probably has relatives who were killed.
He is waiting for another Holocaust that will be worse than one we already had, and compares that to abortion:

The Bible teaches that only a remnant of Jews will remain when the Messiah comes – for the first time, according to Orthodox Judaism; for the second time, according to orthodox Christianity. So, Jews who are presently preparing to go to Israel are oblivious that they are leaping into the heart of the flames. It reminds me of the abortion clinic. The womb used to be the safest place for a baby; today it is the most treacherous. There is coming a time when Jews, like the unborn baby, will be screaming again to escape the fire and the smoke: “Never Again?” The Bible says, yes, again, and much worse. 


That article is rather old, but he has guest post from 2015 about "Auschwitz of New Jersey". (I have no idea, why ISIS is even mentioned there.)


He has other amazingly terrible posts as well. This one, for example: https://onedaringjew.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/brit-lesbian-to-yankee-christian-ill-pray-for-you/

Or this one: https://onedaringjew.wordpress.com/2010/10/05/the-suffering-atheist-in-a-meaningless-universe/

Ok, folks, I'm falling down the rabbit hole. Send ferrets. 


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He has a post on "Islamorphobia".  I googled the exact spelling and he is the only person to use that word.  Bad spelling or is he trying to make up a new word?  

And one should not sing in church unless they are psalms.  Man made songs = bad, psalms = good because apparently, the spirit only moved the psalmists but not the writers of other traditional hymns?  This guy is a whack job.

I've tried reading this blog but he jumps around a lot and some of it makes little sense to me.  Still say this guy is a whack job.  

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