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Gwen Shamblin: Skinny for Jesus

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To clarify and back up what I said at the end of my previous post:


Note that Gwen and her followers are not typically aggressive. They hide in the shadows and take information. They scheme and plot. Yes, it is worth noting that they have filed lawsuits and/or cease and desist letters against certain individuals (a small handful). Note that these individuals mostly are ex-members exposing them for who they are. Also take into consideration that these lawsuits and cease and desist occurred over a decade ago and historically they have lost these battles.

There have been no lawsuits / threats in recent years. Gwen and her people are too busy with their own personal legal and internal issues. Gwen is laying low at this time, which is a very smart move on her part. She currently has a  child a custody battle, a harsh divorce a wedding coming up in 15 days and a few other interla issues that take precedent over a random users on a forum.

I honestly would say with confidence that there is nothing to fear, however I do want to encourage you all, again to exercise a slightly heightened sense of self awareness on what you/we post on here. They are watching, and have been since this thread was created (Well hi!). 

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5 hours ago, ChickenettiLuvr said:

I apologize for being shortsighted in my request earlier. Please disregard. 

It is completely understandable. At first I agreed with you too! But there was the good points made by @RFSurvivor_2 and @WorseThan1Thinks. That is one of the natural human things to do. You want to hide and not be exposed. There are so many ex members who never share their stories for fear of retaliation that it is hard to find many stories online. I think it was even mentioned earlier in this thread that there were very few online. That is not an indication of how many have left, but an indication of how much they impacted people and made them fear speaking out. 

I have stayed quiet for a while as I have been working through the issues that the experience has left me, but I want to make sure to leave my experience somewhere to help if anyone goes against the rules and looks at other websites about RF. 

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