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The Healer

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Anyone watching this show?  Apparently, Charlie Goldsmith realized that he had some kind of power in his hands when he was around 18, and he is going around using this power to heal people.  I thought it kind of strange that his "friend" who goes around with him had never experienced the "hand thing" that he does, until they were on the show. Some people on the show look like they really do feel better after seeing him.  I'm normally a skeptic about this stuff, but it's intriguing to watch.  Jennifer Grey and Kyle Richards have been featured, as well as "regular" people, lol. 

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It's called Healing Touch, hospital people call it Theraputic Touch to make it sound more mainstream.

it's a real thing but Charlie needs to learn how to not deplete his own energy, he has a real gift.  Most people have the ability to do it, without realizing it.

Think of a loving parent with a sick child.  Some hospitals offer a basic course, I took a 4 day course and really enjoyed it .

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