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International Christian Fellowship (ICF) - European Charismatics

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Do any of you know the ICF or heard something about it? They started in Switzerland, but they also have a congregation in Munich for example. Some people have also described it as a cult.


https://www.charismamag.com/blogs/188-j15/features/western-europe/216-church-just-got-trendy-in-switzerland- (an article from a charismatic website, so of course it's positive)


Like Hillsong, Bethel etc., they also have a (or multiple) band, release their own records. Their growth is extraordinary, one article claims a rate of 1,000%. 

Here's one of their songs 


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In my hometown there was an ICF congregation and I knew a lot of people that went their. Especially teenage girls. I once went to one of their services and didn't like it all. I'm not quite sure wether you could really call it a cult, but it definitely has tendencies towards fundamentalism. A lot of the members are creationists, homophobic and very intolerant towards other religions. 

When I was in high school, a lot of girls in my class started to save their first sex for marriage. Most of them went to ICF services or at least to their events and concerts.


Edited to add:

I just googled my hometowns ICF congregation and they are growing. Looks like your typical fund/hipster church that tries to appear modern on the outside, with worship music, a lot anglicisms and they even meet for Sunday church in a club. 

Edited by ophelia

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Is this related to the International Church of Christ at all? That Kip Mckean led group adopted the same modus operandi when I was in university

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I don't know, I was wondering if they belong to some other organization or really started independently in Switzerland. 

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