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I haven't seen a full on thread about massage, so I thought I'd make one. I'm a licensed massage therapist (LMT). Is anyone else on FJ? Or even regular clients of a LMT? If you'd like to hear or share stories, advice, or questions about LMTs or massage, feel free to ask. 

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Hey! I am a masssage patient and will be a student starting in January, I am going to specialize in craniosacral work.  Have been in chiropractic for years (scoliosis of my lower back, kyphosis in my neck) I have a lot of scar tissue around my collar bone and in my neck due to kyphosis, and I began physical therapy (using the metal tools, ouch) last year but dropped it, apprently I was too weird of a case for many physical therapists and got dumped by an LMP. I got frustrated and just started going to acupuncturist and getting oriental massage, fast forward to now, I have a sprained ligament in my neck from a car accident about 2 months ago, and have been regularly seeing an acupuncturist, chiro, and amazing new LMP. 

My new LMP has done 2 intense cupping sessions on my back, and does some light cupping around my collarbone where there scar tissue is (I am always popping my sternum). I will talk with her as to why she has not done it more intensely in these areas (save for obvious bruising, but I don't care!) but do you think moving around a cup with minimal suction across the area is effective at all? She's done it the past few sessions, I made a ton of good progress our first several sessions but now I feel we are losing momentum. 


My neck and back were pretty stable in the summer when I enrolled for massage school, I was dismayed to be rear ended in September and have my issues reaggravated so soon before I start massage school myself. Irony indeed!

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FWIW, as a now frequent massage therapist client (my salon hired a MT last summer, and if you book a massage every 5 weeks you get a 20% discount), I must say hot stone massages, are a gift from the angels above. I had no idea, how amazing it felt, to get my love handles massaged.

I also got a deep tissue massage, and thought I was gonna die. I hold all of my stress in my back, so I have knots in there that feel like marbles, and I always have one massive knot, that wedges itself half under my shoulder blade. She hit some spots that brought tears to my eyes. She lessened the pressure when I asked, it just took me until the tears came, to tell her to let up.

That said, I felt like a stick of room temperature butter, by the time that massage was over. I stick with the hot stone massages now, and tip generously when she spends extra time on my love handles.

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I do it regularly, both chair and table massage.  Since having VSG and losing all the weight I can actually tolerate table massages pretty well now.  Before I would get the worst muscle spasms if I did a table massage to the point that I could barely walk.  Now I have no problems after a massage. 

I usually have the ones I see do light to medium pressure.  They're usually pretty good about the pressure and check several times to ensure the pressure is good. 

If I have enough time I try to make use of the chair massage places at airports.  Yeah, they're expensive but those feel so good after a ten hour flight.

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I’ve been an LMT for 6 months now and am loving every minute of it. I work at two spas - one is more wellness oriented and by appointment only, and another is a very mainstream, run-of-the-mill type of establishment. I’d love to answer any questions regarding massage! I am so happy to have this career. Less than 4 years ago I was a malcontent SAHD with an asshole boyfriend who was furious that I dare get acupuncture for myself since a man was seeing my back and touching me. Now I have a fellow former-fundie fiancé who supports my career and loves me for who I am. My family also loves having a therapist among them. Please ask anything!

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Also in addition to what I said last year I don't think I would have survived law school so far without regular massages.  I've come out refreshed and ready to tackle homework after an hour on the table.  I've had solutions to some rather serious problems come to me after a massage.

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