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Seewalds 26: Marketing her cute growing (?) family

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I remember the first time I answered the door and accepted a package from the delivery guy, completely forgetting about the lovely circle of spit up on the shoulder of my t-shirt. I felt like I had passed a mommy rite of passage or something. Good times.

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Henry is such an old baby, and I love it. That baby is already ready to give lectures on how HE made it thru school debt free (so why can't you?) while casually ignoring the fact that homeschooling is

I love that old man baby face! Somehow I can already see Henry and Davia Waller sitting in rocking chairs together, reminiscing about the good ol' days and yelling at kids to get off their lawn. 

Its a real shame Jessa was raised a Duggar. She's a confident, well spoken, and funny young woman who doesn't back down and doesn't shy away from confronting disrespect.  Without her toxic belief

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Yeah spit-up isn't the same as vomit, to  me. I don't have kids but I used to work daycare all through college, in the baby room. I carried a change of clothes in my car at all times (along with a swimsuit and beach towel, and roller skates, in case I was needed to help take the after-schoolers on an outing), but that was only for major issues (like the time one spit up nearly his whole meal all down my back...). Patterned shirts became a go-to, easy to hide the spit-up spots.

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15 minutes ago, twoarrows said:

I have a 6 week old who spits up at least 8 times a day (pretty sure she has reflux, but she's gaining weight like a champ so they don't recommend meds). I try to contain it with strategically placed blankets but she's a ninja. I've walked around in spit up all day, I've slept in spit up. I do laundry every day. As gross as it sounds, I am completely desensitized :P 

My kid did that until he was one year old. He gained weight well, but went on medication because the reflux seemed to hurt him...like heart burn? Yeah, that sucked so much. He took medicine well, was a great kid but man, I could have done without the spit up. No one would hold him out of fear and I don't think I made it a single day without having to change multiple times! 

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I really liked the sentiment in Jessa's posts.  It felt very un-Duggary to me. And, seriously, was that the longest post a Duggar ever made without mentioning Jesus?  I kept waiting for the tie-in to the Big J and how housecleaning (or not) fit in with HIS Plan, but I never saw anything.  ??

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2 hours ago, LegHumperBibleThumper said:

I always do "shop from home". They pick it and bag it, all I have to do is swing by on my way home from work and pick it up. It's absolutely the best $4.95 I spend (every other week). Worth every penny. 

yup, we do the same most weeks, I love it!

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IDK about this "Italian Nose" bull crap. My boyfriend is 100% Italian, with a HUGE nose, and he can't smell a damn thing! 


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Spit up isn't the same as vomit to me either, but I still couldn't sleep in a puddle of it. 2 of my 3 kids were heavy spitters. I usually put down a towel or a crib pad before laying down to nurse the babies in my bed (we didn't co-sleep, so I wasn't worried about the extra layer of loose bedding). If their cribs I used to layer the fitted sheets and crib pads so if they spit up at night I could just peel off a layer. Even when we just had one child we did laundry every 2-3 days anyway, so an extra towel or crib sheet really didn't make much of a difference. By the time #3 came laundry was an everyday task. 

So yeah, to me the diapers and the sheets were pretty gross but I have a sink full of dishes and my floors could really use a good mopping at the moment and I am a SAHM and all my kids are currently at school.

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