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Counting On: Season 4, Part 1: Back to Planet Duggarville


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9 minutes ago, onekidanddone said:

I've seen them at Wegman's and Wallgreens

Thanks!! I'll have to hunt some down. The page did finally load, so yay!

5 minutes ago, MarblesMom said:

Well thank goodness she can use her "skills as a midwife" to monitor her own pregnancy.

Hahahaha skills as a midwife. Hahahaha. Skills.

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Wow. They blurred Jessa's knees on the plane.   And then two seconds later another shot of her tending to Spurge and no knees blur.   If you're going to be ridiculous at least be consistent.  

So we just saw Joken get married and now TLC is going to force Joy's wedding down our throats again, who is already pregnant, but instead of her baby, we will see the birth of Samuel, and M5 will just

Perhaps you will appreciate this old joke: A snobbish English teacher was sitting in an Atlanta airport coffee shop waiting for her flight back to Connecticut, when a friendly southern belle sat

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9 minutes ago, nst said:

so no prenatal care for Samuel got it 

WTF!  They said that? I'm sure she can birth her own baby, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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space, a comma and what not.
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Spurgeon on a Plane (And Henry too!)

“Everyone hates to be that parent.”

Jinger is looking forward to being with Jessa again. She’s stroking babe’s shoulder. Jeremy is super excited about seeing Henry. So you really don’t like Ben and Jessa? Spurgeon seems to be pretty excited. “Babies get grumpy.” They had to corral Spurgeon. He’s eligible to be a lap child but Jessa kinda wishes that he could have his own seat because he’s wiggly. Spurgeon is upset because he wants to move around and Ben is trying to keep him quiet. His backpack has a lot of books and toys in it. So they put the blanket on the floor and let him play. They didn’t let him run around the plane. Though clearly that is what he would have liked to do. Jessa says that they did pretty well. Ben says that they made it. Ben says “More driving and less flying in the fture.” They look stressed to be honest and I can’t blame them.

Izzy says “Hi Papi.” Derick asks him if he wants coffee. You are not working as missionaries Jill. Stop telling your lies. They’re cutting their trip shorter because they need to get back before they give birth. Derick is cleaning Izzy’s toys. Jill thinks that he adapts easily. Well he needs to Dirty Jesus is his father. He gets used to it easier then Jill and Derick do. That’s because you don’t want to be there Jill. She feels better in her second trimester. Skills as a midwife? Oh really? Tell us more about your nursing degree. “Hosptail is further away then it would be in the States.” Yeah we know that. “Just pray nothing happens.” Story of your fucking life Jill Dillard. She misses the safety and security. They talk about how scary it is. Super scary. Derick shows Israel how to spell his name with magnets on the fridge. They talk about how scary it is. I’m bored. I’m bored. I’m bored! I’m going to throw a Spurgeon fit. “Have a plan.” Derick you have nothing and you know nothing. Less than Jon Snow. “Home away from Home.” Pfffttt why didn’t you go back? “Worth it!” Rightttt. ;)

Ben holding Spurgeon as he walks as Jessa pushes Henry. They spot Jinger and Jeremy. Jessa is excited for her best friend. Spurgeon is being so cute and he’s excited for Jinger and Jeremy. They actually seem happy to see each other. There may not be full on side hugs. Henry is a chunker according to Jeremy and he actually looks quite cute. Jinger seems super excited for Spurgeon and then Jeremy passes Henry over and he starts to cry. “He needs to eat more food” says Jessa. Jinger thinks Spurgeon and Henry will be like her and Jessa. Jeremy is throwing Spurgeon up an down in the air talking about pizza. Mmmmm pizza. The Duggars have been to San Antonio in the past. Spurgeon is sucking on the bottle without anything in it. Jeremy asks if it’s his security and Jessa says yes. Henry is not happy. Ben and Jessa are doing well says Jinger. She can’t imagine having two that close. Jeremy took Spurgeon to the water and Spurgeon threw his bottle at the duck. They need to use the umbrella to get the bottle. They do get it and they are shocked with how spunky Spurgeon is. Awkward baby questions. They have a soft spot in their hearts for their nieces and nephews and they look forward to a family of their own. They are asking about rain. San Antonio is a special place for Jinger and Jeremy says Ben. Very slowly. Very very slowly. Ben and Jessa were planning to meet up with her family for a vacation but they got in their hours before, Ben called up a friend of his, They met up behind the Alamo and they hung out. Talking and Jeremy and Ben and Jessa met here and they were hanging out. Jeremy and Ben clicked. Jessa said that Jinger would like Jeremy’s style and then Jessa said that Jeremy’s sweater was cool and that Jigner would like him. He seemed to be the type of guy that Jinger would go for. And the rest is history. Maybe? I don’t know I’m kinda bored. Is ben taking credit? Ben says no, Jeremy says yes. Jeremy asks Henry if he wants dessert.

Oh my god, my eyes are crossing. Other than Spurgeon trying to take out a duck with a baby bottle! Dull!

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Just now, onekidanddone said:

They said that?

she effectively said that yes 

and because i am in a good mood

Jill: i am deifintely going to be using some of the skills as a midwife to keep track of my pregnancy while i am here

if something were to go wrong the hospital is 1.5 hours away. pray that nothing happens


4 minutes ago, MarblesMom said:

I would have left the bottle in the river and bought a new one, personally... but.... 

I think everybody would have 

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I keep thinking of that duck shit floating around, bathing Spurgeon's bottle in it. So gross.

My husband is working in the TV room on his laptop and halfway through, looks up at the screen and is like "I don't understand, what is this show about?" NOTHING, that's what.

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Oh my goodness this is dull. Hmm American Ninja Warrior is on another channel. Wait, did Jessa just imply they would move somewhere else? 

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Do the Caldwell's sell cars too? Kendra's dad just drove up with a car that has the white detail stuff on the windshield like its off a lot 

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Joey went a courtin’!

They married in a blue and blush ceremony. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see how they managed to get together. :P I’m thrilled, I really am. I might cry. That’s just because I ate all my skittles? Ah! That makes more sense. I’m seriously bored guys.

San Antonio

“Don’t wake Spurgeon up!” Ben said that it would be nice to take the kids to the park but it’s raining. So their plans are ruined basically. They decided to go for polenta. Oh great. “Palaeta?” It’s French, greek, everything is greek to Jason. It’s a Mexican popsicle. Water based and milk based. “Their family is crazy about pickles.” There’s a pickle one. Michelle wanted pickles. They’re all crazy about pickles says Jessa. They’d be gone in minutes…also there are 19 kids. Jill said something. I missed it. Jeremy is getting two. They were ah-mazing. They had trouble deciding on a flavour so they wanted to get more then one. Jeremy has a beard to carry food around in. Ben looks ashamed, Jinger wipes his face. “It’s hard to fly with two kids.” Jeremy tries to convince them to move to Laredo. Jeremy says that they could live in the basement. They’re not set on staying there forever, if they were called somewhere else they would pack up and move. They go to the Alamo. “You guys have multipled once, I’ve multiped once.” Nah Jeremy you haven’t. They are getting their picture taken. Spurgeon is busy sucking on a bottle . Henry is busy sleepy like a good baby. Next time they will see each other is oy’s wedding.

When woud it be one of the guys? They were wondering. Joe is mumbling about something. Now he’s talking about asking the good pastor about courting Kendra. Flashback to the big date. Kendra and Joe have known each other for five years. “Dating with a purpose.” Because the general public doesn’t have a purpose. We just use it to spend time with people. Oh wait? They’re going to a car auction so she won’t catch on. He works at the car lot with Joshely. Pastor Caldwell is going with them too. Jana is helping him arrange the flowers. I like that he got her roses. Joe is going to take her to the hosue where Michelle birthed him, it’s where he started his life. Now he is going to start a new portion of life with Kendra there. Joe is the most tenderhearted according to Jessa. Honestly, I can’t snark on that. He does seem to be. Heart necklace is a tradtion, Kendra is getting a promise ring. Joe thought more about it then what the neck guy did. Kendra and Lauren with Big Daddy Caldwell walk in. Jana and James are going too. Jana gives a big hug to one of them. I think it was Lauren. She has no idea this is gonna happen today. They all pile into the truck. He wants to do it sooner because it will be a bigger surprise. Can I say that Joe actually does seem smitten? Like Ben smitten with Jessa. Just adores Kendra. I can’t snark on that.  

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2 minutes ago, nst said:

no Ben I have no idea what courting is? PLEASE TELL ME 


Well golly Ben, I know Frogy went-a-cortuing, but other than that please fill me in.

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1 minute ago, Carm_88 said:

He works at the car lot with Joshely

Wait, did they actually say Josh's name? Or just that he works at a car lot?

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Well, he admitted it is not a romantic approach....  

One point for being blunt.   Minus one point for not making it romantic.

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sorry I zoned out while watching Kendra and Joe - I ended up watching the FTF xfiles hallway scene behind the scene commentary  

what did joe babble.....

4 minutes ago, Bethella said:

Wait, did they actually say Josh's name? Or just that he works at a car lot?

never mentioned the devil 

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Joe seems like a nice guy actually, humble and down to earth. I also don't get a super brainwashed for Jesus vibe from him yet. What a difference from Josh.

I felt so awkward during that courting proposal with all those other people there. Secondary embarrassment.

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I'm a bitterly jealous of Kendra's hair.

Also impressed Joe is entering a new phase of life and not a new season!


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Okay darn it, that courtship proposal  was cute. The most real reactions I've seen on this show. Oh and Jana was a bit bubbly too.  

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This episode I guess because it's all about Joseph is the first time I heard him really talk rather just answering questions from a producer.

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The First Big Question!

If this was 19 kids and Counting, we would have some weird fact about Joe. I don’t have a weird fact about Joe. But did you know that he is the only Duggarling to go to Crown College? As of right now. Josie is totally going to go and be a chef when she gets older! ;)

Next week is introducing Kendra! Exicited people? She’s giggling. Kendra thinks that they are going to look for a car for Kendra’s Mom and Jana. Joe is always looking for a good deal because he buys and sells cars. Kendra is actually asking questions and seems interested. Her and Lauren don’t look as much alike when they are on camera. “It’s just a slab. But that’s where he’s going to ask her.” “I wouldn’t call it romantic says John David “Going to an auction and then a slab of concrete.” He’s my favourite. Can I steal him? For my cat of course. Joe is trying to be really careful. Well due you look super nervous. So you don’t have much of a poker face. Kendra has been there about three or four times. It’s fun to see what kind of work Joe does and to um…Lauren inserts spend time together too.

Jinger: Bubbly outgoing and entertaing

Jedidiah: Cheerful kind and thoughtful

Ben: Outgoing energetic and sweet

Joy: Bubbly laughs a lot

Jessa: Sweet hapy giggly “She’s so cute.”

Kendra and Joy have been friends for about five years now. Bridesmaid in Joy’s wedding. Oh my god she is really giggly. I mean she’s young. He makes corny jokes and she laughs at them. They bought three cars and now they are going to see the old homestead. Jana jokes that he doesn’t have a hole in his pocket and Joe says he keeps checking on it. Joe is awkwardly trying to get them to the old homestead. Jana is going to drive the SUV, Pastor the truck. It’s kinda neat! Says Jason. James is in the middle again. I swear he does this every frigging time and people talk over him awkwardly. Joe hopes Kendra doesn’t know what is going on. He’s been waiting for this moment too. Kendra is trying to figure out where the house was. Jason says that Joe is genius. Josiah says that Josiah is a good guy. Talking about kickball and stuff because DQ didn’t like baseball. Jana is talking about how when it rained they had a good sized swimming pool area. Joe is nervous about entering a courtship.  “Ohhh neat.” Says Kendra about Joe being born there. “Do you want to go to the next step of a courtship with me?” Kendra looks absolute elated and shocked but “I didn’t know you were going to ask me today.” “Joeee!” Awww she’s so happy and young. She had no idea. She thought that it was really special and now she’s on the couch. She asked to see it. The start of many talking heads Kendra. They’re courting each other. It goes both ways. Oooh Kendra gets in the middle. They wanted to sit beside each other when they started courting. They wrote out their rules on Joe’s phone. Only side hugging for 3 seconds. *Snicker insert joke here about fundie wedding nights* Oh yes, I am that mature. Or perhaps it’s the wine. I’m bored!

Oh yes Joy! You and Austin are old now that you’re engaged. Your courtship was so long ago. Michelle awkwardly touched Joe. It’s like she didn’t know what to do. “Way to step up there.” Says the boob. That is beeeeytifu. The ring is sivler with both of their names on it, it’s really special. He’s waiting for her and she’s waiting for him. “Phase of life.” “Could take years.” Insert drinking here. “Long or short courtship.” “Yes one of those” Says Joe. It will be perfect whatever it is says Kendra.

That's all folks! :) Peace out on Counting On for ths week!

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