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Joe and Kendra 5: Married!


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The video I watched of this on YouTube made Kendra's laugh sound like a chipmunk on helium.

Ugh to the 'precious gift' speech from the patriarch/priest. The way he talked about her made me so uncomfortable. Also Butterfly Kisses??!! Clearly these people don't pay attention to lyrics when making song choices.

That being said, Kendra's sparkly fluffy dress really suits her. In fact, out of all the Duggar dresses it looks the most fun to wear. In an alternate universe, I can see Kendra doing a saucy Macarena in those ruffles. If only they allowed ungodly dancing and the devil's grape juice.

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I've watched all the other weddings but Joy's (we don't get TLC with our basic cable) and this one seemed the most sincere to me.  Not that the other couples weren't in love and happy to be getting married, but...  Joe's emotions and their joy about the whole thing really tugged my heartstrings a bit.  And I am NOT the type to get emotional about weddings and births or really anything.

Shame they almost certainly share the same hateful ideology as the rest of their families, but if they're well-suited and happy together then I'm as happy for them as I'll be for a pair of fundies.  After all the discussions here about the subjugation of women in the cult, I can't snark too hard on how Joe looked as if he really cherished Kendra.

Other thoughts on the wedding: Kendra looked lovely and although her laughter is not for me, she seemed to be really amused at the whole "prank".  The fact that JD forgot the ring at Smugger's wedding is probably a running joke among the guys anyway.  I hope they had a good honeymoon and find married life to be everything they hoped it would be... before the inevitable parade of babies.

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18 minutes ago, ScorpiousMalfoy said:

Joe crying is the cutest thing ever. Ugh at the rose petals.

I'm just imagining Jana and the church ladies watching the rose petals fall and thinking "I'm gonna have to clean all that shit up".

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The "forgot the ring" gag is so overdone and lame. I'd be annoyed if someone did that during my wedding. 

I'm distracted by Steve Newlin Kendra's creepy father watching them kiss in this gif. 




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