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Amber (Homemaker By Choice) has a new blog

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Well, not really new, just new to me. Previous threads about Amber and her husband here. Her new blog is http://writersgonnawrite.com/.

She has three kids, ages 3-6, so she hasn't had any more since the homebirth that almost killed her. She's homeschooling the oldest.

Her husband is as awful as ever, judging by his public facebook page where he criticizes liberals, feminists, and atheists, both in English and Norwegian. He did have a lot of anti-Trump posts during the primaries last year.

Some samples:


The so called "manifesto" that got James Damore fired from Google is literally the least offensive thing I have read all week. It is well reasoned and flawless in tone, and offer sensible, pragmatic suggestions to increase diversity at Google.

Read it and decide for yourself whether any news organization that described it as a "tirade", "anti-diversity" or "claiming that women are unfit for tech" is someone you will trust as a source of news in the future.


Okay, here's the deal: If you can't handle that other people have a Christian sexual ethic, you don't get to be taken seriously when you preach tolerance.

If you demand their head on a platter when you find out they have not bowed down to your sexual liberation ideals, even though you veil this demand in the language of love, your hate is still showing through.

I'm not just sounding off. This is not a victimless crime. Among the most prominent are Baronelle Stutzman, Aaron and Melissa Klein, and now Chip and Joanna Gaines.

If today, you find yourself part of an online mob crying for the crucifixion of either of these on charges of blaspheming the only thing our culture regards as holy, that is not okay, and you are not okay.


A person can be open-minded. An opinion can not be. The moment an opinion is defined to be an "open-minded" opinion, it allows the person who holds it the luxury of casually dismissing opposing views as "closed minded" while still claiming to be open-minded by virtue of his refusal to actually be open-minded.

I will say, this did make me laugh:


Say what you want about faith healers, but they are pretty much the only people who care for those whose one leg is very slightly shorter than the other.


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