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Josh, Anna and the Ms 14: Another arrow for the quiver

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I have friends who became parents 2 weeks ago and him being French and her being German (but she grew up in Belgium and Scottland) they had a hard time finding a name that is internationally known (in the Western world), can be pronounced in each of their languages, is classy and timeless. They ended up with Emilie, which is a nice name, trendy right now in Middle and Western Europe but not tacky (yet?).

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Well, I'm glad it's Mason and not Masyn. 

I'm free!  Mason is a cutie! I hope Anna enjoys him and Josh, well try not to fuck it up this time! 

Kendra is working on it. 

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16 minutes ago, subsaharanafrica said:

ETA: I find this thoroughly fascinating. That was the name du jour of my upper middle class elementary school in the 1980s. There were 5 Katies in my 1st grade class. 

 It was Tracey in my day........

Soooo many Traceys. 

By the time MiniCoveredInBees started school It was Millie.

Millies everywhere........ Something to do with being born in the year 2000 ;) 

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Of course everyone here in NC is freaking out because of Irma and clearing the grocery store shelves of water. (*eyeroll*) We ran in to get something for dinner last night and this very, very elderly gentleman stopped me to ask what I thought about all the hullaballoo (yes he used that word! and yes, I am sort of a weirdo-magnet. strangers just talk to me...). He was so genteel and articulate. We spoke for a bit and he suddenly said "you know, I knew many Irmas in my younger days. They were all bitches." then he was done talking and strolled off. I tried so hard not to laugh. 

Andddd! I love Astrid, personally. But:



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M Kid Number 5 Birth Pool


Andrew Matthew- lexiloumarie

Gabriel- Mela99

Gabriel Matthew- shock928 (wildcard)

James Alexander Malcolm Mackynzie- AuntCloud

James Robert “Little Jim Bob”- Mela99

Joshua James Duggar Jr- mrs

Luke Seventeenfour- TuringMachine

Macavity- Palimpsest

Maccabee Joshua- Lurker

Machiah- aprilx(2)

Machias- Lizzybet

Machiavelli- onekidanddone

Macklin- justmy2cents

Macon- IReallyAmHopewell(4)

Madison Ashley-  Glasgowghril, twoanddone

Maddox- ihaveanexamintwodays, flycat

Maddox Joshua- snickerz

Magruder- Georgiana

Major Joshua- Nice Pair

Makepeace-Snarkangel Gabriel

Malachi- singsingsing, clueless, mango_fandango, bananabread, aprilx, IReallyAmHopewell(2), Dr. Fundie Stalker

Malachi Daniel- WiseGirl

Malachi Joshua- MayMay1123

Malachi Judah- GoddessOfVictory

Malachi Nathaniel- eveandadam

Malachi Robert- Dogalog

Malakai Joshua- Million Children for Jesus (1)

Malcolm- ihaveaneamintwodays, Gillyweed

Malcolm Garrett- Taylurker

Malcolm Joshua- SassyPants

Malcolm Reynolds- tabitha2 (You can’t take the sky from him! :D )

Manahethites- Knight of Ni

Manasseh Joshua- hollyandivy

Mannis- MadeItOut(1)

Manuel Christopher- freshlemonade

Mark- TeamDeFraudinSquad

Mark David- PainfullyAware

Mark Isaiah- tsukinokawa

Marmaduke JimBob- SapphireSlytherin

Marshall Joshua- Berty K

Martin- singsingsing (wildcard), VelociRapture(3), albanuadh_1(2)

Martin James- Markie, Melissa1977

Martin Luther the King- WhoompThereItIs

Martin Robert- Kelsey (2)

Marvin- Greendoor

Martyn- MadeItOut(2)

Martyn Luther- meee

Mason- Markie(3), ihaveanexamintwodays, singsingsing, VelociRapture (1), nickelodeon, MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou, IReallyAmHopewell(3)

Mason Alexander- Pinkdrink

Mason Daniel- Rachel333

Mason James- Berta McGee

Mason Joshua- pook, Jatalie1996 JDuggs          

Mason Robert- Kelsey, HRM1216 (2), mysteriablue

Mathias Joshua- wikinggirl, Ding Dong Duggar

Mathias Robert- Nefernandes15

Mathius Joshua- Indigo

Matthias- KelseyAnn

Matthias Daniel- tabitha2

Matthew- Markie(2), singsingsing, HarleyQuinn, albanuadh_1(1), JordynDarby5, Daisy0322, frugalitymom, AlwaysExcited, TeamDefraudinSquad(2), IReallyAmHopewell (1), JMO, ihaveanexamintwodays, GnomeCat, sorchah

Matthew Aaron- Nashville92

Matthew Adam- Karam

Matthew Andrew- lexiloumarie

Matthew Asher- Chewing Gum

Matthew Caleb- Million Children For Jesus(1)

Matthew Christopher- VineHeart137

Matthew Daniel- Kimichaels147

Matthew David- VixenToast, FrozenSmile, singsingsing, BlessaYourHeart

Matthew Dobson- Dandruff

Matthew Hosea- The Wanderer

Matthew Ian- Kjaerringa

Matthew Isaac- Escadora

Matthew Isaiah- SorenaJ, anaandrade, sadiZ

Matthew Jacob- Sydney Fox

Matthew James- sadiZ, VeryNikeSeamstress, ChunkyBarbie, Kaylo

Matthew John- NewSeasonOfLife

Matthew Joseph- RhythmicSkater

Matthew Joshua- JermajestyDuggar, anjulibai, Glasgowghirl, jerkit, viii, HRM1216. TuringMachine, Phoenix, kachuu, albireo, Chicken bones, JPickleDuggar, CarrotCake, justmurrayed, ThunderRolls, breakfree, [email protected], Hollywood, ViolaSebastian, meee

Matthew Lazarus- gilora

Matthew Lee- RosyDaisy

Matthew Keller- purjolok84

Matthew Micah- ExposedKnees

Matthew Noah- Miggy

Matthew Paul- AlwaysExcited (1), JoyfulSel

Matthew Rene- purjolok84(1)

Matthew Robert- marmalade, VelociRapture, mango_fandango, adidas, season of life, AlwaysExcited(2)

Matthew Thomas- Fluffypaws

Matthew Zachary- Million Children For Jesus (3), Wenny

Maudlin Gene- sansan

Maurice Luke- Teacup

Maxon James- Chicken bones

Maverick- Honeysuckle

Max- onekidanddone

Max Joshua- snickerz

Maxwell Joshua- MotherOfDragons, Rowan, Cheetah

Maxwell Robert- Glasgowghirl  

McGonagall- SeekingAdventure

Mea Culpa- CinnaJen

Megatron- MadeItOut(3)

Melchizedek- Audrey2

Melvin Issac- itqitc

Mepibostheth- Audrey2

Mephistopheles Rufus- uber frau            

Mercury Fred- SeekingAdventure

Meriwether Forgiven- prayawaythefundie

Merrick John- Quiver Full of Kittens

Meshach- KnittingOwl

Messiah Joshua- Jane M., mstee

Metatron- MadeItOut(3 actually but I’m leaving Megatron because it tickles my funny bone! :P )

Methuselah- Audrey2

Micah- KelseyAnn (2), candygirl200413, Fluffy14

Micah Daniel- Jenn The Heathen

Micah Keller- Ms Lucy Fur

Micah Matthew- shock928

Micah Justice- SadieJane

Miles- singsingsing (wildcard), JoyJoy, Snarkle Motion

Miles Gabriel- Suz8710

Milo-  So-Virgin-It-Hurts

Mingus- TeddyBonkers

Mitchell- IREallyAmHopewell(5)

Mitchell Joshua- Kangaroo

Mitchell Robert- Gobsmacked

Mobert Mame- Pasta

Money Redemption- HideousGreenShirt

Monroe Joshua- jegfile

Morgan Clement- habert

Morgan Freeman- dpndetfarm

Mortimer Chance- Hortense Peyrac

Mortimer Tobias- ChickenettiLuvr

Moses- Carm_88, VelociRapture (2), Georgiana

Moses James Robert- Lillybee

Moses John- BeccaGrim

Moses Joshua- pamplemousse

Moshe Joshua- OyToTheVey, Jaedzia,

Myles- SunnySideUp

Myles David- InTheNameOfRufus

Myles Joshua- TeaGrannie

Nathaniel Daniel- MissKnowItAll

Phoenix Robert- neurogirl

Robert- Bad Wolf

William Matthew- NeverBeenKissed

William Zachery- MissKnowItAll



July 19th- season of life

July 20th- AlwaysExcited

July 21st- Miggy

July 24th- NewSeasonOfLife

July 25th- eveandadam, hollyandivy

July 27th- Fluffypaws, jegfile

July 28th- Million Children For Jesus, CinnaJen

July 29th- Taylurker

July 30th- Quiver Full of Kittens, Chicken bones

July 31st- Vixen Toast, kachuu, Berta McGee

August 1st- The Wanderer, tabitha2, BeccaGrim

August 2nd- habert, adidas, Honeysuckle, ExposedKnees, SassyPants, flycat, sadiZ

August 3rd- Jatalie1996, MayMay112, OyToTheVey, GoddessOfVictory

August 4th- Kelsey, wikinggirl, ihaveanexamintwodays

August 5th- sadiZ, Hortense Peyrac, JoyJoy, meee

August 6th- JMO, SadieJane

Late Night August 5th/Early August 6th- VeryNikeSeamstress

Late Night August 6th/Early August 7th- MadeItOut

August 7th- Markie, freshlemonade, Daisy0322, WiseGirl, Jaedzia, Rowan

August 8th- JDuggs, Gobsmacked, viii, pook (2:11am), TuringMachine, candygirl200413, Sydney Fox, Ding Dong Duggar, Berty K, pamplemousse, Indigo, mstee

August 9th- aprilx, RosyDaisy, gilora

August 10th- anaandrade, Lurker, TeamDefraudinSquad, TeaGrannie, Pinkdrink, JPickleDuggar, Nashville92, hollywood

August 11th- JordynDarby5, Gillyweed, TeamDefraudinSquad, Jane M, Justmurrayed

August 12th- neurogirl, Kaylo, CarrotCake, [email protected], hollywood

August 13th- MissKnowItAll, Suz8710, praythefundieaway (at night during a mighty thunderstorm), VineHeart137, mysteriablue, JMO

August 14th- JermajestyDuggar, Lizzybet

August 15th- itqitc, So-Virgin-It-Hurts, albanuadh_1, SapphireSlytherin, Nice Pair

August 16th- HRM1216, Daisy0322, Palimpsest

August 17th- Bad Wolf

August 18th- dpndetfarm

August 19th- Rachel333, SorenaJ, ChunkyBarbie, uber frau, justmy2cents

August 20th- Phoenix

August 21st at 2am- KelseyAnn, Cheetah, Buzzard (2:20pm), snickerz

August 22nd- Carm_88

August 23rd- breakfree

August 24th- MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou

August 25th- InTheNameOfRufus

August 27th- tsukinokawa

August 28th- anjulibai, Snarkle Motion, candygirl200413, MadeItOut

August 29th- Mela99

September 1st- JoyfulSel, Nefernandes15

September 2nd- ThunderRolls, WhoompThereItIs(3:59pm)

September 3rd- Chewing Gum, singsingsing

September 4th- anaandrade

September 5th- frugalitymom, Jenn The Heathen, AlwaysExcited, The Wanderer

September 6th- Escardora, sorchah (morning), Markie, SunnySideUp, BlessaYourHeart

September 7th- VixenToast, ViolaSebastian

September 8th- FrozenSmile, TuringMachine, candygirl200413, meee, Sydney Fox

September 10th- SeekingAdventure, ihaveanexamintwodays, Jatalie1996, JPickleDuggar

September 11th- Kjaerringa, HarleyQuinn, Nefernandes15, Mela99

September 12th- VeryNikeSeamstress, Honeysuckle

September 13th- Kangaroo, JoyfulSel

September 14th- Carm_88, Kimichaels147, GoddessOfVictory

September 16th- Karma        

October 1st- SapphireSlytherin




6lbs 8oz- WhoompThereItIs

7lbs 3oz- viii, Wenny

7lbs 5oz- JoyfulSel

7lbs 6oz- OyToTheVey, mysteriablue

7lbs 7oz- MissKnowItAll, Jaedzia

7lbs 8oz- MadeItOut, WiseGirl, candygirl200413

7lbs 9oz- jerkit, pook

7lbs 10oz- InTheNameOfRufus

7lbs 12oz- Quiver Full of Kittens, Berta McGee, Pinkdrink

7lbs 14oz- freshlemonade, SadieJane, Honeysuckle

7lbs 15oz- Lizzybet

8lbs- JermajestyDuggar, habert, anaandrade, So-Virgin-It-Hurts, albanuadh_1, AlwaysExcited, Jane M., ihaveanexamintwodays, Nice Pair

8lbs 1 oz- Rachel33, MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou, HRM1216, CinnaJen, JMO, meee

8lbs 2oz- adidas, Chewing Gum, flycat, hollywood

8lbs 3oz- Daisy0322, Jatalie1996, Gillyweed, Bad Wolf, Gobsmacked, MayMay1123, gilora, singsingsing

8 lbs 4oz- Sorenaj, The Wanderer, anjulibai, itqitc, VeryNikeSeamstress, RosyDaisy, Ding Dong Duggar, Kaylo, JPickleDuggar, Cheetah, Jenn The Heathen, ViolaSebastian

8lbs 5oz- Carm_88, aprilx, hollyandivy, jegfile, SassyPants

8lbs 6oz- NewSeasonOfLife, Suz8710, Kangaroo, ThunderRolls, FrozenSmile, justmy2cents

8lbs 7oz- dpndetfarm, Sydney Fox, breakfree

8lbs 8oz- JDuggs, ExposedKnees, TuringMachine, Fluffypaws, pamplemousse, uber frau, [email protected]

8lbs 9oz- Taylurker, TeamDefraudinSquad, GoddessofVictory, TuringMachine

8lbs 10oz- Markie, Lurker, season of life, ChunkyBarbie, mstee

8lbs 11oz- Million Children For Jesus, Rowan

8lbs 12oz- Karma

8lbs 13oz- TeaGrannie

8lbs 14oz- Kimichaels147

8lbs 15oz- meee                                                       

9lbs 1oz- VixenToast, tabitha2, BeccaGrim

9lbs 2oz- PainfullyAware, snickerz

9lbs 6oz- Indigo

9lbs 9oz- sadiZ

8 pound range- KelseyAnn

9 pounds+ - Nashville92

10 pounds (around)- SunnySideUp



19 inches- MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou, gilora, Wenny

19.5 inches- sadiZ

20 inches- anaandrade, Jane M., ChunkyBarbie, ihaveanexamintwodays, Ding Dong Duggar, Pinkdrink, JPickleDuggar, BeccaGrim

20.5 inches- AlwaysExcited, HRM1216

21 inches- The Wanderer, Gobsmacked, Lurker, itqitc, viii, Taylurker, pook, Fluffypaws, Sydney Fox, SassyPants, Kaylo, SadieJane, ThunderRolls, mstee, mysteriablue, Nice Pair, JoyfulSel, Kimichaels147

21.5 inches- Million Children For Jesus, pamplemousse

22 inches- Daisy0322, Quiver Full of Kittens, VixenToast, Indigo, breakfree

23 inches- Nashville92


When They Will Announce

A week after he is born- Wenny

Within a Day- MadeItOut

A few days later- Nashville92, breakfree

When the new season starts- Kimichaels147


Birth Location

Birth location: on the toilet, at JoKen's wedding

Josh's location: Sitting in the pew, using Meredith to hide his face from TLC cameras

Another day, another M Kid update! Today is the day right? :P 

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In Ireland, Kevin is a very conservative normal (even slightly boring) name. 


When I was at school, the tacky names with negative connotations were Jacinta, Jocelyn, Tracy and Sharon (the fat slags :my_biggrin:), Cheryl, Anita etc... I think v similar to U.K. Nowadays those are out of use, and it's more like Beyoncé, Rihanna etc although I've never met a real life child with those names. I find 90% of kids in my kids' school have very uninteresting names. Lots of repetition also. A huge amount of Daniel, Hannah, Lucy, Rian, James, Katie etc

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I think they will announce the birth of M5 right after Joe's wedding and around Joy's gender reveal. Then there will be less focus on them. Probably with another pregnancy announcement of Jessa or Jinger.

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19 hours ago, Iokaste said:

I find it fascinating that all languages has these divisions, but they are one of the hardest thing to explain or pick up on as a foreigner.

And Astrid being tacky really surprises me, where would that be? 


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My grandmother was an Irma.  It is weird to see all the headlines:  "Millions Flee From Irma's Path" .  "Florida Braces for Direct Hit from Ferocious Irma."

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You know you're old when names like Kevin and Jennifer are considered "old-fashioned." Those are my kids' peers' names. They were born in 1987 and 1990.

MY GD is 3, and her name is Claire. In the 80s and 90's, Claire or Mary  would have been considered old-fashioned. It's all a big cycle.

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11 hours ago, PreciousPantsofDoom said:

Hmmm. I see I'm going to have to go back to the last thread and find out why all the hate for Astrid. Its not very common here (Canadian West Coast) but not unknown. If course it always makes me think of Pippi Longstocking, so I have only good feelings about it. 

I don't think there is any "hate" towards the name Astrid. We were just discussing how different names are perceived differently in different areas. I don't dislike the name itself. I DO dislike TRYNDY names and maybe judge people more harshly than I should when they use them. But I am working on that :my_angel:

Astrid is #613 in popularity  on babycenter while Astryd was #12,244 hehe 

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39 minutes ago, Irishy said:

 A huge amount of Daniel, Hannah, Lucy, Rian, James, Katie etc

My hub's family is from Ireland. We live in the US.  Our grown kids' (30 and 27) names are on that list.

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4 minutes ago, SassyPants said:

My hub's family is from Ireland. We live in the US.  Our grown kids' (30 and 27) names are on that list.

So is one of my own kids!

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I'm sorry to change the subject. Don't the kellers live in Florida? Does anyone know if they've left and are staying with their kids somewhere else or anything? I don't know where in FL they live... just thought of them today...

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1 hour ago, Satan'sFortress said:

My grandmother was an Irma.  It is weird to see all the headlines:  "Millions Flee From Irma's Path" .  "Florida Braces for Direct Hit from Ferocious Irma."

My mother is also an Irma. She just said she never heard her name being said do much in her life. 

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10 hours ago, VeryNikeSeamstress said:

If people's names reflect who they are, then I don't think I'd want my kids to play with Spurgeon or Israel. Spurgeon's name sounds like he would be pompous, bossy, and smug. While Israel isn't a terrible name, it would lead me to believe that the parents have some kind of a saviour complex (which isn't inaccurate).

My great grandfather was named Israel. Then again, we're Jewish. I never met him, but he was a good man. He worked hard to protect his family.

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14 minutes ago, Jana814 said:

My mother is also an Irma. She just said she never heard her name being said do much in her life. 

That reminded me of an article I read this morning about a couple named Harvey and Irma, married 75 years. Funny coincidence. http://time.com/4933347/hurricane-harvey-irma-married-couple-names/

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Bad Wolf

I just started tutoring some kids who are refugees from Afghanistan. I'm having a terrible time remembering their names. I put them on an index card, and carry it around, muttering the names to myself. 

In my long ago youth i studied Latin, German, French and Spanish, but these names have me stumped. I have learned to say thank you.

The family has been helped by the churches and temples in the community. It was a wonderful team effort.

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1 hour ago, EyesOpen said:

I'm sorry to change the subject. Don't the kellers live in Florida? Does anyone know if they've left and are staying with their kids somewhere else or anything? I don't know where in FL they live... just thought of them today...

I believe they live around Interlachen, east of Gainesville, in north central Florida. They aren't on the coast. They probably haven't evacuated. However, they do live in a manufactured home, which is not ideal in a hurricane. [also unlikely to have a cellar to shelter in]

They live probably about 80 miles north of John & Alyssa Bates Webster, who are near Orlando (also in the interior).

Florida has about 20 million people; there is no way everyone can evacuate north & away from the coasts.

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We live around 30 minutes from the Websters and most of the people I've talked to are staying put. The grocery stores are insane though.

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I think this is probably the worst name I remember.


 In 1966, a Liverpool supporter called his newborn after every player in the 1965 FA Cup-winning team – including the manager and two assistants. Pity the poor teachers who had to take the register for Paula St John Lawrence Lawler Byrne Strong Yeats Stevenson Callaghan Hunt Milne Smith Thompson Shankly Bennett Paisley O’Sullivan. Even worse, her mother only discovered her daughter’s unusual name when she came out of hospital – and said she was “disgusted” at her husband’s choice. Mainly because, although her husband was football mad, she had never watched a match in her life.

I wonder how long the marriage lasted....and imagine the hell that child had filling in forms the rest of her life! If she could even remember her name in the right order.... :mindblowing:

Edited by sawasdee
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Monday is the new season of the shitshow.  They will announce via a still graphic with a still pic of the baby that says "congratulations JOsh and Anna on XXXX - birth date, time, and weight."

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11 hours ago, sawasdee said:

In Thailand, EVERYONE has a nickname that is generally used. I know small, little, fat, frog, mouse, crab, dog, pouty-lips, and painting. I was introduced to a friend's new baby on Wednesday - warm water (Napoon)!

There's a cookbook written by a Thai called Cooking with Poo. Poo means crab.....

My family had an exchange student from Thailand when I was younger, and he went by Sat, since he was born on Saturday.

As for the book, well, this also exists:


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11 minutes ago, Buzzard said:

Monday is the new season of the shitshow.  They will announce via a still graphic with a still pic of the baby that says "congratulations JOsh and Anna on XXXX - birth date, time, and weight."

I really hope this is J/A last kid unless ANNA truly wants another. I think Josh has caused enough pain for several lifetimes.

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Oh, regarding dated names, does anyone else watch Kimmy Schmidt? There was a storyline on the recent season where a guy Titus is dating has a baby named Linda.




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4 hours ago, Irishy said:

When I was at school, the tacky names with negative connotations were Jacinta, Jocelyn, Tracy and Sharon (the fat slags :my_biggrin:), Cheryl, Anita etc... 

Nice to know my name is tacky...

Edited by ark
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      Middle aged woman with mommy issues...but missing her today.
      She got so much wrong with me, but she had the best intentions and tried so hard. 
      She got so much right, too.  I forget that sometimes.  Sometimes I remember and dismiss it out of spite.  
      “They did the best they could with the tools they had.”  I forgot where I first heard that but I’ve carried it with me like a mantra since my parents passed.   They truly did.  Whatever else was missing, whatever I needed that they couldn’t give, the love was always there.  

      That’s something.
      My confidence in my own abilities.  Faith in my own power.  My own strength.  They gave me that, too.
      That’s also something.  
      They’re why I’m messed up, but they’re also why I’m okay.  
      Shit’s complicated.
      She died before I figured out how smart she really was.  Sad thing is I don’t think ever figured that out for herself.  
      Ignore me - just crying in my car waiting to pick up my son.  

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