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"Mad Scientist" May Be Responsible for Swedish Journalist's Death

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I just heard about this case, and it sounds beyond bizarre:


Kim Wall, a Swedish freelance journalist, went missing after taking a ride in an experimental submarine built by a Danish inventor. At first, he claimed that the submarine had an accident and he had to bury her at sea, but her headless torso was recently discovered in the sea, which suggests that she was murdered. Assuming that Wall was murdered (and all signs point to it at the moment), what was the point? Was she going to uncover shady activities on the part of the inventor or was he just a garden variety pervert who used his invention as a pretext to ensnare Wall? Do any of our Scandinavian FJers have some insight on this case?

Edited by Cleopatra7
The victim's name is Wall not Hall.

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I didn't realize that her body had been found.   Maybe the head is missing because it has a bullet hole in it or blunt force trauma.  This is beyond sad. 

This inventor guy is headed for prison. 

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I saw this on the BBC World News. It was incredibly creepy. :pb_eek:

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It's very bizarre. I haven't heard any discussion of a motive.

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