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Dont if this the right place, I am looking for differents sites, where you could discuse, sex,fashion, singel life, love life, children, anything goes, a site (s) in english (or swedish), i am from Norway, and been a member of Kvinneguiden, but lately (last year) is just to quit and repetivt..

Thanks for any help :)

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@Irene  I think most of those topics have been covered somewhere on FJ.  Look around at the various other content areas outside Duggars and Bateses.  Try going to Worldly Distractions for instance: 


Pets:  http://www.freejinger.org/forum/230-quiverfull-of-pets-animals/

Specularium for general discussion:  

Pregnant and parenting:

We have threads on singles and parenting also.  I know more about peoples' sex lives than I ever wanted to know so sex is talked about through many threads.  :omg:

My advice is tour through all the various sections and also search using advanced search and select topics.  If you can't find a thread about that particular interest, you can ask about it or start one.  

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Added pregnant and parenting.
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I hope this threat dosnt get deletet, I found kinda hard in here-very strict on what kinda threath to start. 

Well, third time is the charmed one. I hope.

Yes I know there are different topics you can discuss here on freejinger, but I am also looking for other sides, where you can diskussed different topics, (if anyone know kvinneguiden, thats the kind of sites I am looking for)  it can be in swedish or english,. please recomand alot different forums an sites!


Thanks :)

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@Coconut Flan, not necessarily relevant to @Irene, but for other asking - isn't there a 6 month delay (used to be a minimum post count) before new members can access the AYTFJ area?

I remember the discussion and the vote but I don't remember if the restriction was ever changed! :confused:


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Good point and one that for some reason never sticks in my brain at the appropriate time.  I will have to go look.

ETA:  It is still set at 75 posts.  

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Looked up restriction.
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