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Voiceless: Anti-Abortion Movie by the Same People Who Brought Us "Old-Fashioned"


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I recently saw a snarky movie review for "Voiceless," an anti-abortion movie by the same people who did the creepy Christian rom-com "Old-Fashioned":


On the face of it, "Voiceless" seems almost like a Poe that a pro-choicer might write to make the other side look bad, almost like a "Hell House" that focuses on abortion. The most striking thing is how men do most of the talking in the movie, and there's no attempt to explain why women seek out abortions. I guess if you take the abortion=murder view, the reasons don't matter, but there's still the fact that women are going to keep going to the clinic no matter how much Jesse and his church friends harass them. I was actually surprised that the movie didn't end with Jesse shooting someone or planting a bomb, since that would be the logical progression of events based on the way the plot unfolds.

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chaotic life

The review is hilarious but I cannot even handle the review of the movie, it's so painful.

Billboard saying they offer "RU486" and ding, ding, ding you have the whole movie tied up in one ignoramous group of characters. No medication once brought to the market via FDA approval is continued to be referred to by its research code. Betcha anti-choicers don't even know the name of the medication, nor that there is not one medication for a medical abortion. Fabulous class of drugs, FTR, took the rate of surgical abortions way down and probably the only thing keeping them accessible to the general population in this era of removing all reproductive freedom to women.

Though I will say, my training went--"Unless you think you are smarter than PP and prepared to defend that lawsuit, then if you are prescribing this class of drugs, you WILL follow PP's protocols 100%"

I know FAR too many people in highly conservative areas where they have to drive to find anyone prescribing them and those providers frequently way overdo the meds to attempt to reduce monitoring and follow up visits. Clearly they appear to have concerns that anti-choice groups will catch on to what they are prescribing.

And then the anti-choice proponents put out something like this with RU486 plastered on a wall. I am gonna guess you could wave that class of meds under their noses and so long as you call them by their actual name they will never know.

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The thread title is one of those sentences that get progressively worse with every word.

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On 8/16/2017 at 7:15 PM, Cleopatra7 said:

The most striking thing is how men do most of the talking in the movie, and there's no attempt to explain why women seek out abortions.

I think their "women's viewpoint" portion of the movie is supposed to be the girl who had an abortion talking about how much she regrets it and then committing suicide to drive that point home. Or the wife talking about how much she regrets having one in front of everyone in the end. Because obviously there are no other possible outcomes. :pb_rollseyes: Either way, I'm fairly certain people who watch this movie non-ironically aren't bothered by a male-dominated discussion of women's reproductive health... 

8 hours ago, chaotic life said:

The review is hilarious but I cannot even handle the review of the movie, it's so painful.

Same. Meanwhile, plenty of school districts are banned from teaching basic sex ed.

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Ugh. The trailer looks horrible. Probably the grey filter is supposed to make everything look very sad and serious. 

But I haven't found how this movie is connected to Old Fashioned. Is it the same publishing company? 

And by the way, is there a general thread on (bad) Christian movies? Because almost every single one I saw was pretty bad :D (like Sunday School Musical, Christian Mingle or In Love with a Church Girl). 

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3 hours ago, L1o2u3 said:

And by the way, is there a general thread on (bad) Christian movies?

None that I could find, but I think it's a good idea! 

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