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Experiences with Arbonne?

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I try to dodge MLMs, but got sucked into attending an Arbonne party given by a friend of the family. And, yeah,being a skin-care junkie, I spent *cough* dollars. The stuff SEEMS pretty good, but can someone suggest an alternative that won't break the bank?

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One of my friends sold Arbonne for a while and so did my daughter, but neither woman currently does.  I had an Arbonne lipstick that I think my daughter gave me.  I loved it and don't know where it disappeared to.  All this to say that I don't know of a good and cheap alternative.  I know good and I know cheap, but not good and cheap.  I've used some Burt's Bees, but never anything with color so I don't know how those are or how long they last.  Sometimes cheap cosmetics don't last as long as ones that are more expensive and so aren't really any cheaper to use.

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