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Anna, Josh, & the Ever Multiplying M Kids, Part 12: Babywatch Continues

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31 minutes ago, Gobsmacked said:

Poor Anna must have been very uncomfortable and hot in the plane.

No doubt, and aren't the Duggars prone to motion sickness?  There may also have been eau de puke.

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If they did, it would look like this:  

Just popping in to leave this because I thought it was rather funny 

Okay my turn.  Anna shows up to the wedding next Saturday with SURPRISE! newborn who arrived the night before. Joe is a bit miffed that his thunder was stolen but knows he can't say too much sinc

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the Duggars are, but Anna's not a Duggar in the inheritable-traits sense. 

however, she has been shown to be terrified of heights.....I wonder how she handles flying, in general.

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I think its becoming a Keller tradition to go adventuring right before delivery.  Esther is far far away and having her babies in Africa. Priscilla did a road trip/motivational tour and Australia while heavily pregnant in her last two pregnancies, now Anna going on a trip to Rockford.

So either the Keller girls are superhuman when heavily pregnant or they have husband consideration issues?

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Continue here:


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