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Anna, Josh, & the Ever Multiplying M Kids, Part 12: Babywatch Continues

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Still no baby at this time (that we know of!). Continued from here:


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If they did, it would look like this:  

Just popping in to leave this because I thought it was rather funny 

Okay my turn.  Anna shows up to the wedding next Saturday with SURPRISE! newborn who arrived the night before. Joe is a bit miffed that his thunder was stolen but knows he can't say too much sinc

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Ok I'll play! The pregnancy announcement said "beauty comes from the ashes" so how about Phoenix for a wildcard? Phoenix Robert, born August 11th. 

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The phrase "beauty comes from ashes" has been rumbling around in my head ever since the pregnancy announcement. Only time I can think that is true is if you mix ashes in the soil around  your lupines,  hydrangeas or carnations. 

I wonder if the Duggar's are educated enough to know about figures from mythology? Or are those figures from ancient lore just another lure from old scratch to lead them into idolatry? 

Matthew Joshua, born August 20th. 

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I imagine he will be Matthew, Malachi,  Mason, Macon, Mitchell,

Marshall would be fun (Eminem)

Mc Cain?  Probably too liberal

Modest Nike Duggar would be good--like those poor Bradocks [can't remember the spelling] Very Puritan

Masterful Swallower Duggar 

Mercy Me Duggar lol


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Madison Ashley Duggar.  :BLAZER: (yes, i know M5 is a boy...ive seen both used as male names)

Edited by twoanddone
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Elvis Presby

@FeministShrew When I was 2 I fell out of a car.  Even after I survived that, there were many years of stuffing seat belts back as far as they would go and breathing 2nd hand smoke because it was hot outside.  Although I did enjoy riding in the back of a truck to the IGA.

My lungs were damaged when I was just a baby.  Even now, I have to take care to not let allergies become bronchitis.

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I wonder if they will take this opportunity to name the new baby after Josh? As in, "we've named this pure newborn child after him, also, this should make the world move on from this because, clearly, we have. And, stop judging us so we can go back to righteously judging everyone else"

My guess:

Matthew Joshua  -  July 31

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1 hour ago, twoanddone said:

Madison Ashley Duggar.  :BLAZER: (yes, i know M5 is a boy...ive seen both used as male names)

Gone with the wind had a male Ashley 

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I went to a questionable "Christian Baby Name" site and found Magruder listed as a name meaning "watchful one".  I would just be SO BLESSED if they went with Magruder.  

But since the Duggars are super into Israel (country, not the child) right now, I think they might go with Moses.  It's VERY Hebrew, plus it is sometimes translated as "taken out of water", and I can see them putting the Duggar spin on it: "Just like God saved the infant Moses and sent someone to take him from the river, so too has God sent Anna to help rescue Joshua from his spiritual struggles."

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I predict the baby will be named Mea Culpa...born July 28th.  

8 lbs 1 ounce. 


I realize not likely, but hey it fits in with the M theme!

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I'm guessing they're trying to be a little trendy again, so my guess is Mathias Joshua, August 5th.

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I really hope they don't do anything symbolic with M5's name. It wouldn't be fair to the child to saddle him with a permanent reminder of what his father did before he was even born.

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1 hour ago, Georgiana said:

I went to a questionable "Christian Baby Name" site and found Magruder listed as a name meaning "watchful one".  I would just be SO BLESSED if they went with Magruder. 

For Jeb Stuart Magruder--Watergate Conspirator?

Or some current-day pop culture tie in that I'm too old to know about, lol?

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M Kid Number 5 Birth Pool


Gabriel Matthew- shock928 (wildcard)

James Robert “Little Jim Bob”- Mela99

Maccabee Joshua- Lurker

Machiah- aprilx(2)

Machias- Lizzybet

Machiavelli- onekidanddone

Macon- IReallyAmHopewell(4)

Madison Ashley- twoanddone

Maddox- ihaveanexamintwodays

Magruder- Georgiana

Malachi- singsingsing, SapphireSlytherin, clueless, mango_fandango, bananabread, aprilx, IReallyAmHopewell(2)

Malachi Daniel- WiseGirl

Malachi Joshua- MayMay1123

Malachi Nathaniel- eveandadam

Malachi Robert- Dogalog

Malakai Joshua- Million Children for Jesus (1)

Malcolm- ihaveaneamintwodays, Gillyweed

Malcolm Garrett- Taylurker

Mannis- MadeItOut(1)

Manuel Christopher- freshlemonade

Mark- TeamDeFraudinSquad

Mark Isaiah- tsukinokawa

Marshall Joshua- Berty K

Martin- singsingsing (wildcard), VelociRapture(3), albanuadh_1(2)

Martin James- Markie, Melissa1977

Martin Robert- Kelsey (2)

Marvin- Greendoor

Martyn- MadeItOut(2)

Mason- Markie(3), ihaveanexamintwodays, singsingsing, VelociRapture (1), nickelodeon, MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou, IReallyAmHopewell(3)

Mason Daniel- Rachel333

Mason Joshua- pook, Jatalie1996 JDuggs          

Mason Robert- Kelsey, HRM1216 (2)

Mathias Joshua- wikinggirl

Matthias- KelseyAnn

Matthias Daniel- tabitha2

Matthew- Markie(2), singsingsing, HarleyQuinn, albanuadh_1(1), JordynDarby5, Daisy0322, frugalitymom, AlwaysExcited, TeamDefraudinSquad(2), IReallyAmHopewell (1)

Matthew Asher- Chewing Gum

Matthew Caleb- Million Children For Jesus(1)

Matthew David- VixenToast

Matthew Dobson- Dandruff

Matthew Hosea- The Wanderer

Matthew Isaiah- SorenaJ, anaandrade

Matthew James- sadiZ, VeryNikeSeamstress, ChunkyBarbie

Matthew John- NewSeasonOfLife

Matthew Joshua- JermajestyDuggar, anjulibai, Glasgowghirl, jerkit, viii, HRM1216. TuringMachine, Phoenix, kachuu

Matthew Micah- ExposedKnees

Matthew Noah- Miggy

Matthew Paul- AlwaysExcited (1)

Matthew Robert- marmalade, VelociRapture, mango_fandango, adidas, season of life, AlwaysExcited(2)

Matthew Thomas- Fluffypaws

Matthew Zachary- Million Children For Jesus (3)

Maverick- Honeysuckle

Max- onekidanddone

Maxwell Robert- Glasgowghirl  

Mea Culpa- CinnaJen

Melchizedek- Audrey2

Melvin Issac- itqitc

Mepibostheth- Audrey2

Merrick John- Quiver Full of Kittens

Messiah Joshua- Jane M.

Methuselah- Audrey2

Micah- KelseyAnn (2)

Micah Matthew- shock928

Miles- singsingsing (wildcard), JoyJoy

Miles Gabriel- Suz8710

Milo-  So-Virgin-It-Hurts

Mingus- TeddyBonkers

Mitchell- IREallyAmHopewell(5)

Mitchell Robert- Gobsmacked

Mobert Mame- Pasta

Morgan Clement- habert

Morgan Freeman- dpndetfarm

Mortimer Chance- Hortense Peyrac

Moses- Carm_88, VelociRapture (2), Georgiana

Moshe Joshua- OyToTheVey, Jaedzia

Myles Joshua- TeaGrannie

Nathaniel Daniel- MissKnowItAll

Phoenix Robert- neurogirl

Robert- Bad Wolf

William Matthew- NeverBeenKissed

William Zachery- MissKnowItAll



July 19th- season of life

July 20th- AlwaysExcited

July 21st- Miggy

July 24th- NewSeasonOfLife

July 25th- eveandadam

July 27th- Fluffypaws

July 28th- Million Children For Jesus, CinnaJen

July 29th- Taylurker

July 30th- Quiver Full of Kittens

July 31st- Vixen Toast, kachuu

August 1st- The Wanderer, tabitha2

August 2nd- habert, adidas, Honeysuckle, ExposedKnees

August 3rd- Jatalie1996, MayMay112, OyToTheVey

August 4th- Kelsey, wikinggirl

August 5th- sadiZ, Hortense Peyrac

Late Night August 5th/Early August 6th- VeryNikeSeamstress

Late Night August 6th/Early August 7th- MadeItOut

August 7th- Markie, freshlemonade, Daisy0322, WiseGirl, Jaedzia

August 8th- JDuggs, Gobsmacked, viii, pook (2:11am), TuringMachine

August 9th- aprilx

August 10th- anaandrade, Lurker, TeamDefraudinSquad, TeaGrannie

August 11th- JordynDarby5, Gillyweed, TeamDefraudinSquad, Jane M.,

August 12th- neurogirl

August 13th- MissKnowItAll, Suz8710

August 14th- JermajestyDuggar, Lizzybet

August 15th- itqitc, So-Virgin-It-Hurts, albanuadh_1

August 16th- HRM1216

August 17th- Bad Wolf

August 18th- dpndetfarm

August 19th- Rachel333, SorenaJ, ChunkyBarbie

August 20th- Phoenix

August 21st at 2am- KelseyAnn

August 22nd- Carm_88

August 24th- MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou

August 27th- tsukinokawa

August 28th- anjulibai

September 3rd- Chewing Gum

September 5th- frugalitymom



7lbs 3oz- viii

7lbs 6oz- OyToTheVey

7lbs 7oz- MissKnowItAll, Jaedzia

7lbs 8oz- MadeItOut, WiseGirl

7lbs 9oz- jerkit, pook

7lbs 12oz- Quiver Full of Kittens

7lbs 14oz- freshlemonade

7lbs 15oz- Lizzybet

8lbs- JermajestyDuggar, habert, anaandrade, So-Virgin-It-Hurts, albanuadh_1, AlwaysExcited, Jane M.

8lbs 1 oz- Rachel33, MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou, HRM1216, CinnaJen

8lbs 2oz- adidas, Chewing Gum

8lbs 3oz- Daisy0322, Jatalie1996, Gillyweed, Bad Wolf, Gobsmacked, MayMay1123

8 lbs 4oz- Sorenaj, The Wanderer, anjulibai, itqitc, VeryNikeSeamstress

8lbs 5oz- Carm_88, aprilx

8lbs 6oz- NewSeasonOfLife, Suz8710

8lbs 7oz- dpndetfarm

8lbs 8oz- JDuggs, ExposedKnees, TuringMachine, Fluffypaws

8lbs 9oz- Taylurker, TeamDefraudinSquad

8lbs 10oz- Markie, Lurker, season of life, ChunkyBarbie

8lbs 11oz- Million Children For Jesus

8lbs 13oz- TeaGrannie                                           

9lbs 1oz- VixenToast, tabitha2

8 pound range- KelseyAnn



19 inches- MayTheWilberforceBeWithYou

20 inches- anaandrade, Jane M., ChunkyBarbie

20.5 inches- AlwaysExcited, HRM1216

21 inches- The Wanderer, Gobsmacked, Lurker, itqitc, viii, Taylurker, pook, Fluffypaws

21.5 inches- Million Children For Jesus

22 inches- Daisy0322, Quiver Full of Kittens

Spoiler Alert: We have an updated baby pool! :P 

Edited by Carm_88
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3 hours ago, twoanddone said:

Madison Ashley Duggar.  :BLAZER: (yes, i know M5 is a boy...ive seen both used as male names)

That was my suggestion last thread, it would be hilarious if they used it.

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Put me down for August 9, Matthew Lee, 8lbs 4oz

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Thank you for doing this @Carm_88! I would like to change my date to Aug 12 as I don't think anyone has picked that yet! I don't know anything about baby-birthing, but this is a fun game. 

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Add me in for Matthew Joshua. No idea on birth date so I'll just go in for the name pool.

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Hmm...fitting with the fire/ashes thing, I'm guessing Meshach. They aren't super in to the Old Testament, but I bet they know that story. 

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After the Transformer or retired football player Calvin Johnson?

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11 hours ago, neurogirl said:

Ok I'll play! The pregnancy announcement said "beauty comes from the ashes" so how about Phoenix for a wildcard? Phoenix Robert, born August 11th. 

Interesting clue...how about Mulch Fidelity Duggar?

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LOL at Modest Nike Duggar :pb_lol::pb_lol:

I have no prediction. I'm leaning towards Matthew Joshua, but it's not a real prediction as such. Birthdate, weight, who knows. He will either look like Josh or like Pa Keller.

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