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Armed and Stupid


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Armed 'patriot' accidentally shoots self in leg at Gettysburg battlefield


GETTYSBURG--A "patriot" who brought a revolver to Gettysburg National Military Park Saturday amid rumors of desecration of memorials accidentally shot himself in the leg Saturday.

Benjamin Hornberger, 23, of Shippensburg, accidentally triggered the revolver, which was inside a leg holster, when he temporarily rested the bottom of his flag pole against the holster, according to witnesses.  Park police were nearby when the shooting occurred and officers quickly applied a tourniquet that may have saved the man's life, said Sgt. Anna Rose, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Park Police.


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Let me tell you, it's been exciting in town tonight. Between the regular Battle/Fourth tourist crowd, these new nut jobs, the early birds for Bike Week next week, and the increased police presence, you can barely move in gettysburg. Nor did this genius do either the Park Service or the town any favors in the crowd control Dept by shooting himself in the foot  Heaven knows what other plans he had for that bullet  

I was at a friend's cookout on the far side of town, and had to detour almost an hour out of my way to get home. 

My two roommates, who work downtown, JUST got home at 2:00, when they got off at midnight. The trip home shouldn't have taken any of us longer than 15 min  

This "patriot" schtick is bullshit and I hope my town, ultimately, is better than this.       :shakehead:

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