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The Long Way To Go is closing up shop (Treasures from a Shoebox)

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Since both blogs don't exist anymore, I thought that a thread about general updates from the Long Family (usually posted on their The Long Way To Go facebook page) could be useful. 

And here's the first new information :) 

Corrie has graduated homeschool. I guess that makes her available on the wedding market? Mackenzie graduated last year and from various blog posts, I got the feeling that she wanted to be a missionary. So far, she doesn't seem to have any concrete plans. She probably wants to marry a missionary to get into the mission field? I don't know. 


And Cheryl has started a private group for "seasoned Titus 2 ladies". 



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News from the Long family! 

Maybe some of you remember Cheryl's blog post that they almost became the next duggars if the Smuggar scandal hadn't happened and they would have had their own TV show! She was now allowed to post the trailer on Youtube 

 So what do you think? :D if they had actually gotten the show? 


Also Haley is now a partner with Modere, they sell overpriced diet products and shampoo for §17 a bottle! She also said that the products are not for pregnant women, so I wonder if she's taking a break from babymaking right now after her miscarriage. 

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