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Michelle's 911 call wasn't creepy because it was calm, it was creepy because of her damn dazed baby voice.

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The internet is a magical place. If they want to buy condoms, amazon delivers. If they want to use a prescription method, they can use a mail order pharmacy.

I think each of the girls genuinely adored each of their husbands prior to getting married. Jeremy and Austin fell into the mix naturally. (So did Anna and Kendra.) Derick and Ben might have had some

Omg Jeremy just said they'd like to start having a family in the next 5 years. His one year plan had no mention of babies at all!!!! There is definitely some form of birth control going on. 

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43 minutes ago, HarleyQuinn said:

Michelle's 911 call wasn't creepy because it was calm, it was creepy because of her damn dazed baby voice.

And the fact that she got the age of her daughter wrong. 

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Part Seven- OMG how long can they draw this out? 

Jessa is now one day overdue. She and Bin go on a date (with Spurgy in tow) to Tacos 4 Life. Bin says Spurgy is more active now. He talks more. Spurgy smacks Jessa and she tells him no! 

Spurge eats a lemon at Tacos 4 Life. Benessa talk about how life will change when #2 arrives. They say on their next date they will have double the kids. Spurge throws his cup on the floor. He's over this shit show.  They talk about what to do with Spurgy during #2's birth. 

Bin says Spurgy's birth was hard for him because Jessa was in pain and he didn't know what to expect. They hope this time will be easier. They ask if Spurgy is ready to be a big brother  he blows raspberries. 

Spurgy was a laid back easy baby. They hope #2 is the same.

Meanwhile, at the TTH, the children prepare for the gender reveal by blowing up pink & blue balloons. The balloons are in huge bags suspended from the rafters. After SeeSpawn #2 is born, Bin will call and tell Justin the gender and he will pull the appropriate cord to let down the balloons for that gender. 

Jana and Joy know the gender  Joy told Austin "because he's my boyfriend!" Great logic Joy.  Jana says she told someone too.... when the camera guy asks if she has a boyfriend she says NOOOO! And Joy gets sassy and says "Like she'd tell you anyhow..." Joy is a smart ass. I want to slap her.

Going back to Seewaldville, Jessa prepares to Video Chat with Jinge. They miss each other. Spurgy says hello to Jinge. Jinge says she's missing out on stuff, but she likes Laredo. Jessa says Jinge was there for Spurgy's birth and the video chatted Jill in. She says she will not do that with Jinge. That's not Jinge's thing. Jinge says they can just call her and tell her when the baby is born or send a photo. She's not into seeing it in action. 

On The Edge of Engagement...

Austin is done with Flip #5. He asks Mr  Jim Bob to come over. He asks to Marry Joy. JB acts like he can't decide. OMFG.... we know he's going to say yes. Austin gets all choked up after Boob gives him permission and he has tears in his eyes when talking to the camera guy. He wants a short engagement because it's the best for them.... because clearly he's ready for sweet fellowship. He says he will ask when the house sells.

4 Days Overdue....

Jessa's water broke around 11 pm. She calls Joe (I think it was Joe) to run some errands for her- she needed ice and some other stuff. Jana and DQ arrive around 3:30 am and Jessa was in active labor. Jilly Muffin is there with the midwife who must not be shown.... Jessa births in the living room. Awkward. Whatevs.... you do you. Ben is supportive and loving. Jessa says it must be the way she's built, because she has horrible back labor. She wanted to give up, but they tell her she's almost there! Seewald #2 makes his grand entrance at 4:26 am. He's one pound smaller than Spurgy. The labor was much easier this time. 

Bin holds #2 and almost passes out when they are delivering the placenta.  Jana says it was a perfect birth. Spurgy slept through the whole thing. 

The Reveal....

After the sun comes up, the Duggars at home find out Seewald #2 has been born. Joy organizes them in the living room of the TTH and they guess if it's a boy or girl. They get Team Boy or a Team Girl stickers. They stand under the corresponding bag of balloons and Justin gets a call from Ben. Ben tells Justin the gender. Justin pulls the string and the blue bag of balloons falls down from the rafters but the bag didn't open. It was an epic fail. But they don't care because baaaaybeeees! 

Spurgy Meets Seewald #2

Spurgy wakes up around 7:30 and they bring him in to meet his brother. He wants to hold the baby. He doesn't understand being gentle. Ben says they will train him. 

Jessa says this home birth was much easier. Jill goes on and on about how she hopes her next birth is easy like this one. Shut up Jill.... we're tired of you. Did I type that? Sorry... 

Jessa is dressed and sitting in the chair. She says the siblings are coming to meet #2. Spurgy eats a pickle. Everyone holds #2. Omg the germs..... they take a family photo. Famy is there & holds Josie.

it only took Benessa 3 days to name #2.... Henry Wiberforce Seewald says s introduced to the world. Jessa says they could call him Will or Wilbur, but not Hank. Bin asks if Hank is a nickname for Henry and Jessa is annoyed with him and says "Yes, but we're  not calling him Hank." Bin says he has a friend named Hank... Jessa says "Yes, he's nice...." but pretty much says, without words, that Henry is not to be called Hank. 

OMG... hats off to @Buzzard for doing these in realtime. I watched the video on TLC and took notes. I need a drink now. Ttyl! 

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Bad Wolf

@divadivine great job and thank you from someone who doesn't have cable.


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Just watched the most recent episode on DVR...

My initial snark:

Jill lived up to my expectations and acted like a total TWAT (not saying she is a TWAT, she just acts like one).  Jill reminds me of the TWAT that is the Jim Boob  when she asked if Jinge was preggo. 

I can't believe I am saying this, BUT, I have more hope for the Bin to go fundy light/main stream conservative than for D-wreck.  My hopes were pinned on  Derrick, but alas they have been dashed.  IMHO Jilly Muffin has influenced  D-wreck more than the D-wreck  influencing her.

The references to the buddy groups and Justin as a part of Jessa's buddy group just make me want to scream at the Mullet and Jimboob, who is a TWAT.  Hey Dumb-asses if you or any or your friends are reading FJ,  YOUR DAUGHTERS  SHOULD NOT HAVE  FORMED MICRO FAMILIES  within your family.    It is not in the BIBLE, and it is totally fucked up.  The lost girls and lost boys are going to put many a therapist child through college, they are like orphans right now.  

Free Jana !  Free Hannie !  Free Jennie !  Free Jordan !  Free Miracle Child Josie !   Those  are now the only J-Slaves left on the compound to serve The Mullet and The Boob and all the not married future male headships.  


**edited to add, Spurge is such a cutie- pootie.  I hope he remains a feisty little boy and give them a run for their money !  Go SPURGE ! 

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