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Granddaughter of the Crouch family claims TBN covered up her rape

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Wow.  We were just discussing the Crouches on the Jim Bakker thread.  I was aware of Brittany's lawsuit but not of a separate suit charging the cover up of rape of a minor by Carra.

Matthew Crouch is in charge of Trinity now his parents are deceased.  Paul Crouch (older son and father of both Brittany and Carra) was forced out.

Trinity claims all the evidence the granddaughters provided is forged and that all this is extortion.  I don't think so.

I'd say the allegations of financial misconduct by Brittany and of a cover-up of rape by Carra are true.

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Can I just point out the religious are always saying "you have to keep your children away from secular culture, because "they" are after your children. Hell Kevin Swanson recently claimed liberals wanted to turn children into Transgendered communist. Yet, how many times do religious leaders/organizations cover up or foster a culture of abuse with a healthy dose of blame the victim?

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As if it wouldn't be terrible enough if this girl was sexually assaulted, the idea that family members would allegedly cover it up is just horrifying beyond words. 

@infooverload I think the term that describes what you're talking about is projection. 

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