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The Oatmeal has a very good post about why people believe things even when they are presented with absolute facts that they are wrong. When I read it I immediately thought of the KJV only post I had been reading by David Rea(the other half of the failed Team Zambia) where he just couldn't handle it when someone provided facts that disproved him. Being KJV, Jesus turned water into grape juice is an essential part of his belief system and this cartoon explains so clearly why he reacted the way he did. We all will do this in some way, but it is easy to see it in fundies(and Trump supporters), I think. 

I also realized that there are points in my life where I wouldn't have wanted to believe George Washington had dentures made out of slave teeth. 


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Black Aliss

This is the best thing I've seen today. And today hasn't been that awful, as days go. And, yes, I want to shove that strip down the throats of all my fundie relatives. Apart from that, I don't GAF what Washington's dentures were made of.


I lie. Googling about the slaves' teeth now.

ETA: http://www.mountvernon.org/george-washington/the-man-the-myth/the-trouble-with-teeth/

Edited by Black Aliss
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