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Someone PLEASE teach me to apply eyeliner...

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I'm 31 and I cannot apply eyeliner to save my life. I can use a liner brush and get a little along the lash line. Lately I've been trying to learn more because I REALLY want to use it. I found a tightlining eyeliner at sephora and I really love that. I can do the upper waterline... but I can only just do a basic touch and my eyes still run like a faucet. I've tried to use gel, liquid, ink pens... you name it, I have it, and I just want to be able to apply a basic line of black eyeliner . Does anybody have a suggestion? 

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i'm not very good at this, but my sister doesn't make fun of me (and she's the type who would be snarky about it), so my results must not suck too much....

i use a pencil--varying colors, including JRod green--that i sharpen before each use.  i draw a narrow line on the edge of the upper lid all the way across.  then on the lower lid, i go under the lash line and draw another narrow line on the outer half only.  where the 2 lines meet at the outer corner, i extend it about 1/8" out and a teeny bit up.  i don't use liquid liner because i don't have a steady hand and the pencil hides my mistakes a little, but if you can draw a neater line, yours might look better.  

it looks ok with black or dark gray, usually with medium-gray shadow.  i actually learned it in 1989 from a Mary Kay lady.

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Try getting a pencil liner such as Maybelline pencils, or an eyeliner pen like a Wet and Wild line pen, and steady your arm on a solid table. By getting a pencil or a stiff pen, you are able to get a firm line, and by stabling your arm you are able to avoid shakiness. NYX also makes a product that helps you get perfect cat eyes (I think it's called The Curve?), but I've never tried it so idk. And remember, practice makes perfect! When I started doing makeup, I was a mess, but 5 years later I'm a pro!

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It's hit or miss for me. I need to get my teenage daughters to make some videos. Somehow their eyeliner always looks good.

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For pencil, I'm awful at doing my upper lash line from the bottom, so I tend to pull my eyelid taut by the outer corner (like you're...well...making a racist gesture) and then start lining as close to my eyelashes as possible. I go a little thicker towards the outer corner on both the top and bottom because that elongates the eye and makes it look wider. I almost never go all the way to the inner corners, except when I'm doing a really dramatic look. 

For liquid, this took me a looooong time, but the technique that's given me the best and most consistent cat-eyes/wings is to draw a thin line from the very end of your lower lash line upwards at an angle (more obtuse than you'd think) towards the end of your eyebrow. Then go over the top of that line (basically creating a triangle) onto your top lid. From there, fill in the triangle and thicken the line as desired. It takes a lot of practice and a steady hand (it's easier to use liners that are more like felt tip markers for this), but once you get it, you'll get much more consistent, even cat eyes. 

And the laziest, easiest, most room for error technique for eyeliner is to get an angled liner brush, wet it just a little, dip it in a dark eyeshadow (or neon, you do you), and sweep it along your upper and lower lash lines. Instant smoky eye. 

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precious blessing

Not sure if OP has mastered eye liner yet, but I just wanted to add that I have basically the same advice as nastyhobbitses, but will extend a bit. Maybe this will help someone who finds themself here.

I've done cat-eyeliner for a long time and I find that a flexible felt-like tip with liquid liner works best for me. I recall years ago seeing a youtube video where people used scotch tape from the outer corner of their eyelid to their eyebrow to get the wings symmetrical

To fill in my top lashes, I hold my eyelid taut and fill in with a stiff tip, water-proof liner (I use revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner), I don't worry about being messy - I use a cotton swab to remove any excess liner on my eyelid and feel that I don't need to line the actual lid at all. If I do, I line as thin as possible, widening  to the outer corner of my eyelid. I think the problem here is that some people use a regular pencil or a firm tip pen to do this and it looks clunky... it's best to do this with a flexible tipped felt tip, something like a calligraphy pen (I use maybelline lash stiletto). With all eyeliner I don't fill in basically the inner 1/3 - 1/4 of my top eyelid, and only the outer 1/3 - 1/2 of my bottom eyelid. Sometimes I line my bottom waterline with white liner before lining the outside. If you're sensitive to all makeup like I am and worry about your makeup running... use waterproof where you can, and maybe take an allergy pill before. Cotton swabs are your friend (though I'm self-conscious about how many I use...)

Working with liquid eyeliner does take a steady hand and some practice, but you don't really need to work with it if you feel that filling in your lashes achieves the look you want (I think it does but idk). It's easy, you can take as much or as little time as you want depending on how apparent you want the line to be, and you can easy remove the excess without needing to remove all of the eyeliner you've applied. You won't have a literal line around your eye, but your eye will be lined 😛

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I'm an ex Emo kid, so spent years colouring my eyes ala JRod or Panda. 

When I first started to scale down, I would make dots in eyeliner pencil along the top of my eyelash, and fill them in like a dot-to-dot.  That way you get a consistent thickness along the lash. It also helps to use a brown or a grey pencil colour,  so smudges and mistakes aren't so noticeable :)

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Lately I've started using a "push" method - a short stiff brush tapped into a dark eyeshadow, and then pushed and wiggled into the base of my eyelashes. It's more subtle than a line, but gives a similar effect. Wayne Goss recommended that technique for hooded eyes, and so far I like it!

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