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Seewalds 20 - Fashionably Modest and Baby Curls

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I get porcelain dolls or say furbies, those were creepy. Cabbage Patch dolls? Bill Gothard was a weirdo.  

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Jessa has a two-month old baby. Honestly, it is probably much, much easier for her to have him with to take care of both kids. I am not going to piss on either of them for this. To all appearances, Be

This conversation about baby order and number of photos reminds me of the time when Claudia thought she was adopted in the Baby-sitter's club. (I think it was #33, Claudia and the Great Search.) Anywa

I can't see Henry without thinking "Cabbage Patch doll".

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On 4/13/2017 at 9:35 PM, Maggie Mae said:

Most speakers charge a lot more than 15K. I'm actually surprised it's so low. There are people listed on the bureau I use who don't have as much name recognition (but have actual degrees and interesting things to talk about) who charge three times as much and more. 

I would pay $25 to listen to a professor speak on a topic I found interesting. I would not pay $5 to listen to a Duggar blather on about anything.  The people you use probably spend years and months working on topics and information and weeks working on presentation. Jessa shows up say "like y'all dress like me" and gets $15k nope, She could literally work 1 day a month and make almost $200k a year, once you take out the PR/manger fee taxes and such its still around $100k that will support a family of 4 very nicely, she could have 2 or 3 more kids and still live fairly well in NW AK. She might has to work 2 days in a month or two if she has more kids than that. 

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20 hours ago, Fluffy14 said:

i grew up in a regular Evangelical church in Canada. I have to differentiate here because the church I find in the states is far more conservative than anything I have seen in the church here Canada. Every evangelical church I know of has a core belief that homosexuality is a sin. Just like other sins such as adultery , murder, gossip. Etc. I do know people who struggled with it way back when I was a teen/ young adult. But even way back in the 80's I didn't find it a big deal. It has never been a big deal . One of my daughter's  friends brother just came out last year to his family and they still love and accept him  and the BF was over at Christmas etc. It was difficult for them but they are taking it in stride.  Now I might add this a a really  naive sheltered conservative family. But this I where I must explain the difference.  The conservatives and fundamental church in America is a far cry and vastly   different than anything that I have seen here.  First off we as a nation dont  go off freaking out about homosexuality . People get married so what?  If they  love each other so what?  I have married gay friends. I may not be a homosexual or really think it is right, but in reality   It doesnt  involve me,  I could care less.  I like them.  They don't infringe on my rights or beliefs and I don't on theirs. 

SNIPed for space.

I think you are getting unfairly down voted for being honest.  You think being gay is a sin, but you keep that opinion to  yourself generally, you don't get in the way of others rights and don't concern yourself with other business. I do not have a problem with this, is being gay a sin in God's eyes? I don't really know, but I do know that sex before marriage is, but I still did it, and I don't care if anyone else does it. The saying, don't hate someone just because they sin differently than you,  is something I think about a lot, and the bible verse that says, we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, I'm a sinner they are a sinner so, we all just go on with our lives and not worry about what others are sinning at. Lets stop worrying about gay people marrying and worry about a crazy person shooting an innocent elderly old man LIVE on Facebook.  

 We liberals need to get our noses a little out of the air sometimes.  Saying someone MUST THINK that gay is OK, even if they don't agree with it, but don't do or say anything against gays and are accepting of them anyway isn't a bad thing. We can't all think the same, and looking down on someone who isn't bothering anyone with their opinions is just as wrong as what people like the Duggar's do to the LGBTQ community. Forcing YOUR beliefs on someone who doesn't 100% agree with you isn't being open minded. It is hypocritical. 

TL;DR @Fluffy14 thinks being gay is a sin, but doesn't really care, and doesn't act on it and lets them do their thing and doesn't treat them as terrible people, what is wrong with that? 

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2 hours ago, Coy Koi said:

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about Gothard hating Cabbage Patch dolls! I didn't really know the story on that so I googled it. Can you imagine if Henry had been born to the mom in the story??? Everyone would pretend not to notice the resemblance...but everyone would be very uneasy around that baby...


ETA: But they all tell themselves that he'll look different once he gets a little older and isn't bald anymore. The mother is relieved when she first notices the baby is starting to grow some hair, until she takes a closer look and finds that it's.....yarn  :pb_eek::pb_evil::pb_surprised:

This is just a special kind of stupid right here. 

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13 hours ago, Carm_88 said:

I love the bowties! :P 

Those kids are super cute, especially with bowties! Henry with a bowtie reminds me a bit of Winston Churchill for some reason (fingers crossed I am doing this post correctly. There should be a picture of Churchill...)


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13 hours ago, Fluffy14 said:

I have a few American friends with family in Florida and Portland Oregon, they have both lived in Canada since the eighties. One is a fundie. One was raised Catholic but converted to Vineyard type. My other friend had a long time BF who was born and raised in a teeny town, in Illinois, who has again lived here since the eighties. He grew up in the thick of fundamentalism. They all say the same thing , that America is what I said.

 My other friend, went down  with her BF  for a week long Christian music fest in Illinois  and she was filled with utter shock at the differences the two countries have in their politics and fundamental Christian beliefs. So with those people involved in Christianity on both sides of the border, my own experiences living two miles from the border and reading extensively on on the subject is how I came to my conclusions. 

So I may have painted with a broad stoke, but am again gleaning off my American friends own experiences.

i also want to note the Duggars brand is one segment but the Gothard teaching has spread even to regular Southern Baptist teaching to some extent. And I know this because I went to a southern baptist church in a western city whose both pastors came from Marietta , Georgia as a missionary church plant.....Because we had no Southern Baptists here.  Oh dear!

I do appreciate the conversation, thanks.

There are a lot of issues with anecdotes. They are nice and salient and illustrative, but are extremely limited and don't constitute evidence from which to generalize. I do love hearing about the experiences you've been exposed to, as they help to broaden my understanding. It's when they go beyond anecdote and are used to describe a very large, diverse, and nuanced country as a whole that I think a lot of people take issue with.

I'll also leave this here. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Anecdotal_evidence

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New thread here:


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